How Long Does Viagra Last

How does Viagra work?

The use of Viagra for the first time raised a lot of questions in mind like how it will be beneficial in disease. What is the average dose a healthy person should take? Will the high dosage affect the other organs of our body? How long does it work? What are the major side effects of Viagra? What are the after-effects that are healthy for a human being? Will the use of Viagra cause major health issues in the future? And many more but here we will discuss the answer to some major questions related to Viagra in Erectile dysfunction.

What is viagra?

Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction during the response to sexual stimulation. It works by filling the penis with enough blood to cause an erection when men are sexually excited.

Viagra is sildenafil citrate a selective citrate salt to inhibit the cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) specific phosphodiesterase type-5(PDE5) Which helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).it will not help in increasing the sexual desire but it relaxes muscles to increase the blood flow that was hampered due to erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a U.S Food and Drug Administration-approved drug to treat erection.

Viagra is rapidly absorbed by blood plasma protein within an hour of oral dosing on empty stomach. The rate of absorption is affected or reduced by taking a high-fat meal. after oral or intravenous dosage, the Viagra salts will excrete as metabolites in feces.

How does Viagra work?

Viagra is the first oral therapy for erectile dysfunction and it involves the release of nitric oxide in the Corpus cavernosum by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase type 5(PDE5) during sexual stimulation that will degrade the guanylate cyclase enzyme to increase the cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate which helps in smooth muscles in corpus cavernosum and increase the inflow of blood to work properly. It works as a vasodilator to increase the blood flow where it is needed the most or to cure erectile dysfunction.

Viagra should be taken before 30-60 minutes before sex and also make sure that your stomach is empty at the time of taking this medicine. It will not prove more beneficial if a person is sick, drunk, or intoxicated than on a healthy person.

It has been proven if Viagra has taken over a high-fat meal the response may be delayed for hours. If the effective hours of Viagra are more than four hours the medical consultation is required.

In the study, it was found that PDE5 concentration is likely lower in platelets, visceral smooth muscles, and skeletal muscles and their inhibition of PDE5 by Viagra may be the basis for the platelet antiaggregatory activity of nitric oxide, peripheral arterial-venous dilation, and formation of a platelet thrombus.

How long does Viagra last?

The long-lasting behavior of these drugs depends upon various factors like the age of patients, dosage, and of course the health of a person. The average dose is 25-100mg is sufficient for up to hours if it has taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity.

If you are in a healthy state or do not have any health issues and are sexually aroused then it could take effect sooner but underlying conditions much affect the duration of Viagra to work properly in your body and may last longer than an hour.

Depending upon the metabolism of patients, when it is completely absorbed in the bloodstream it will typically last for up to 4 to 5 hours but not in the case of diabetic patients or case of any disease like heart disease or neurological disorder. Medical advice is mandatory if you feel any pain or long erection.

When Viagra is needed?

Before taking any medicine or Viagra one should know the underlying cause of impotence. A consultation from your health provider is needed before you take viagra to maintain your erection. Also, it is important to take caution from you purchasing it and it is also available online.

Some patients will not be comfortable in consultation with the health provider or see a therapist to resolve the psychological issues but if you have trouble in maintaining an erection that’s enough for sex you may take medication like Viagra.

Once you feel that you are not getting the desired results which you want then you should talk to your health provider.

Other than erectile dysfunction, Viagra is also useful in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and high blood pressure.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Of course, every medicine that has good effects has bad effects too for some specific reason. Here’s below a list of some familiar side effects of Viagra that one can experience mostly.

  1. Headache only in 16% and common in most of the patients
  2. Flushing in 10% of patients who have any heart-related problem
  3. Dyspepsia in 7% of patients who follow an unhealthy diet
  4. Nasal congestion in 3% of patients who has weak immunity
  5. Urinary tract infection in 2% of patients
  6. Abnormal vision in 1% of patients who have prior disorders
  7. Diarrhea in 2% of patients who drink at an excessive level
  8. Dizziness in 1% of patients
  9. Rash in 1% of patients
  10. Back pain in 1% of patients
  11. Indigestion in 1% patients

Rarely has it caused heart failure in patients having heart diseases. Prior health problems like diabetes, neurological disorder, and any other health issues increase the risks for experiencing these side-effects listed above.

If you are taking any kind of nitrates-containing medicine regularly then you should not take Viagra anymore because it will cause a drop in blood pressure to an unsafe level.


Viagra is proven to be an effective strategy to treat erectile dysfunction by U.S FDA but take it only if your doctor prescribed it to you after doing a certain physical test. Viagra drug is used to treat ED but is not able for complete cure. If you take Viagra with any nitrates-containing drugs will lead you to a life-threatening level.

How Long Should Sex Last

How Long Should Sex Last?

There are many jokes about the duration of lovemaking, often where men are the butt of the jokes. But do the jokes have any basis in reality or just an exaggeration of stereotypes?

Let’s have a deep look at the duration involved in the act of making love.

First, we need to distinguish between the act of lovemaking which is sexual intercourse, and as most of the research and studies available have data about vaginal intercourse, we will today primarily consider the heterosexual act of lovemaking.

But the act and process of lovemaking are not one and the same. There might be days of sexual tension, lots of flirting, the foreplay may last a good 40-60 minutes, and your afterplay maybe even longer, but they do not specifically count as intercourse.

If we take into account only the intercourse during the act of love, the average sex time lasts about 3-7 minutes and it varies from person to person.

Younger men who are new to the sexual relationship may not have that much experience in making love and the newness of things may make them have orgasms quicker than men or women who are more experienced in the ways of love.

There are many people who do not have orgasms from sexual intercourse so even for them the duration of the penetration does not matter much. Please know that you can enjoy sexual satisfaction in many different ways and sexual intercourse is just one part of the many ways.

How Long Sex Lasts on Average for Most People Across the Globe?

There are certain surveys conducted to figure out average sex time in people across the globe, and it has been reported to be between three to seven minutes, but because of the nature of the survey it is possible that people may have exaggerated or in some ways under measured the time spend in the act of making love.

But most people report that if the sexual penetration lasts for just 60 seconds to 100 seconds then it is unsatisfying and extremely short, especially for women.

On the other hand, if the penetration lasts for 10 to 30 minutes then it can put a strain on a man and even cause pain for the women and is considered too long for most people. Again, personal preferences may differ from the general opinion and there are no specifics as desires.

As far as the question of how long should sex last most people think that anything between 7 to 13 minutes is appreciated by both the partners in the act of making love.

But how long should sex last for you depends on your own personal preference, stamina as well as your partner’s desires and comfort level.

Does the Duration of Lovemaking Differ if We Make Love Multiple Times?

Yes, of course, in anything you do, you will see some fluctuations in your performance, either you will take shorter or longer but such fluctuations during multiple sessions of lovemaking are considered to be normal.

Many young people wonder how long should first round last and this anxiety regarding the duration of lovemaking can often make them suffer from premature ejaculation, for a temporary basis at least.

Are there any Solutions for Longer Lasting Sex?

Yes, the duration of intercourse can be increased but first of all, you have to set realistic expectations, knowing that the average sex time is 3-7 minutes, it is quite unrealistic to be at it for more than 40-60 minutes under any circumstances.

But you can try certain tactics for longer sex after identifying the reason for the short duration of sexual intercourse. If you ejaculate quickly due to a lack of experience in the techniques of making love, then you will have to learn and also practice to get better.

If you are unable to have long penile penetration due to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, you may have to ask your doctor regarding the usage of medications such as Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60.

Please note that medications such as Cenforce 200 are available as prescription medications and will only be recommended if your doctor finds that you need them.

You may also find that the shorter duration of your lovemaking process is due to sexual dysfunction; known as premature ejaculation which can be caused due to a variety of factors and is treated based on the responsible factors.

Are There Any Tactics for Shorter Sex?

Yes, while the whole narrative behind jokes about lovemaking is that it should be long and deeply satisfying but there are some people who like their thrills in small doses and which is why quickies are so popular!

You can skip the foreplay if you want to have orgasms quickly and even try masturbation or helping your partner to guide you to areas or activities that are most arousing for you.

Ultimately, Sex is an Experience Not a Time-Keeping Contest

The jokes can mean anything, the media can portray whatever appeals to the imagination, but one thing that will not change is the fact that sex is a physical as well as emotional experience for both partners.

When you make love, you will be able to express affection in a variety of ways, of which sexual intercourse is just one part, which is vital but if you are unable to spend less time in it, there are other ways to make up for it.

Discuss the things that both of you enjoy, and the duration of intercourse that both of you are comfortable with. The duration will vary, change and improve with time.

Also, accept that your body has its own biology, and your sexual experiences will change with your age. The vigor you have in your 20s will not remain the same when you are in your 50s and with age, there is a reduction in sexual drive as well.

So see sex as an activity of deriving pleasure and expressing affection as long as both partners are willing, consenting adults, and completely happy with the duration of lovemaking.

How to make your penis bigger

How To Make Your Penis Bigger?

If a person desires a bigger penis then one question must arise in their mind, that is, how to make penis bigger? What is penis stretching? Will the penis enlargement product be effective as prescribed? And many more here we will provide you with the answer to every question.

What is penis stretching?

The girth and the length of the penis can be increased with the help of any device or by using your hands.

The results of stretching can be temporary or usually minimal but it overall helps in minimum enlargement of the penis.

Does penis stretch work?

Penis stretching only works to some extent only because the penis is a vascular organ of our body.

There is very little evidence that is provided by research that concludes that if a person gets desirable results by stretching the penis, there tend to be temporary or moderate type effects.

Although penis stretching is not supported by any scientific theories, it is a noninvasive, inexpensive technique that gives pleasure and comfort to people.

Penis enlargement products

There are several exercises, surgeries, medications, or instruments that can help in increment in your penis size.

Surgery and Penis implants– to enlarge the size and girth of a penis surgery can but in most cases the complications have been seen after the surgery. The cutting of the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone.

Cosmetic filler or penis injection– they have proven effective to some extent only but also have several associated side-effects like ED.

Male enhancement pills– several companies claim that their product is sufficient therapy for enlargement of the penis. But one should aware of the truth and facts of those therapies because of no medication.

The manscaping process to enlarge the penis- is a nonmedical treatment that involves the grooming of genital organs to improve their growth. One can use waxing or shaving of pubic hair to stand out the genitals more.

Stretching exercises The massage of the penis along with its length by using your hands can improve the size and girth of the penis. Minute micro-tears can occur by stretching the skin that may cause the penis to look longer.

Jelqing– It is a type of massage that proves to be effective in increasing or enlarging the penis.

Stretching device – Several devices are present in the market to enlarge your penis but it is still unclear what is the basic mechanism of their working in enlargement of the penis. Here we discussed some penis enlargement devices and their direction of usage that can be used to maintain the length of the penis and can make the penis bigger than before.

Vacuum pump or penis pump- Firstly penis should be placed inside the air-filled chamber. The suction process can be started now that pulls the blood into your penis and causes it to become erect. Keep this erection process or suction for 30 minutes and having sex or masturbate during this process is safe. Must remove the suction ring after the process is complete.

Traction devices

The following steps are involved in the handling of this device

  1. Insertion of the penis into the base end of the device
  2. Must check that the head of the penis is secure within the 2 notches of that device
  3. Pull your penis upward slowly and make sure that the end of the silicone tube grips at the bottom of the device.
  4. This process may take 5 to 6 hours a day and make sure your penis is in stretch condition.

Complications and potentials risk with the usage of devices

  1. A large tear in tissue can occur after a rough stretch that can damage the ligament which connects the penis with the pubic bone.
  2. Wearing a traction device longer than the doctor’s advice or direction of usage can cause injuries that affect the proper function of the penis.
  3. Itching in penis
  4. Discoloration can be seen
  5. Numbness
  6. May cause the vein rupture

Do the devices work in the enlargement of the penis?

 Many studies suggest that they did not work but some study reveals that they help in lengthening of the penis for example; according to the study which was done in 2009 it was suggested that the extender improves the overall length of the penis.

What are the normal and abnormal measures of the penis?

The most common fear that one has is the small size of penis that will not be sufficient enough to satisfy your partner.

According to a study it was suggested that a man who thinks that his penis is too small to satisfy his partner has the normal size of the penis which is between 5 to 6 inches.

A penis of 3 inches in length during erection will be considered abnormal.

If you are having a 5 inches penis or increase more during erection is considered normal in size.

Vitals –

The average size of the penis during an erection is about 5.16 inches.
Many studies have suggested that more than half population of men were satisfied with the size of their penis
The desire to have a bigger penis than the average size causes some men to develop some kinds of neurological and physiological disorders that can disrupt the life of a healthy person.
Penis dysmorphic disorder is also known as PDD cause anxiety
There are several methods that help in enlarging the penis but may have significant drawbacks

Bottom line

Although it is the most common desire of men to have a penis of bigger size, they also believe that increasing the measurements of the penis will make them more attractive. But one should know about the facts that are provided by research that there is no proven medication or therapy present to enlarge your penis.


Surely the small size of your penis doesn’t even matter to your partner because a wise partner should know that there is no proven way to enlarge the penis.

If one has not had the perfect shape of the penis then he should consult with a professional counselor to resolve that issue.

Does Masturbation Decrease the Testosterone Level

Does Masturbation Decrease the Testosterone Level

What is the connection between testosterone level and masturbation and testosterone?

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone also known as T levels that plays a salient role in the production of sperm, regulates sex drive, fat distribution, muscles strength and building, red blood cell production, and also maintains the number of sperms.

Masturbation is a common and safe activity that built-up sexual activities. Masturbation is a natural pleasure by exploring your body but the one question one should know about is whether it affects the T level or not.

There are very few long-term effects of masturbation on T level but most of the side effects of masturbation are temporary or short-term effects.

What does the research data reveal?

 Does masturbation decrease the T levels? Is the most debatable question in research which requires more research to answer the particular question? There are many studies that have been completed so far are as following;

According to a study which was done in 1972 there are no direct or noticeable effects of masturbation on T level has been seen yet so far.

But an increased level of T has been noticed in a study done in 2001.

In 2007 a study suggested that masturbation increased the androgen receptors (used by testosterone) and increased the density of estrogen receptors in the brain.

The effects of abstinence on testosterone levels

According to a study in 2003, it was suggested that abstinence from masturbation can increase the testosterone level in blood. The major effects include the length of testosterone level after abstinence.

Erectile dysfunction no hormonal treatment also affects the T level in men, suggested by a study in 2003.

The researcher found an imbalance in T level in patients who resume the sexual activity after treatment or cannot be same in men for whom treatment was ineffective.

Muscles building and masturbation

Testosterone is considered a male hormone because it helps in synthesizing the protein which helps in the building of muscles.

There is very little research has done so far reveals that there are no such long-term effects of masturbation or low T levels on your muscles building.

Apart from masturbation affects your healthy diet or muscle-building regimen plays an important role in the faster building of muscles.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

There are several proven benefits of masturbation that include the following things;

  • It helps in relieving the stress or decreases the stress level
  • It may also reduce the sexual tension from which one can suffer
  • It may reduce or relax the anxiety level
  • It may improve the sleeping disorder or any kind of dipression
  • Alleviating cramps
  • It Will help in improving your sex life
  • One can get the knowledge of their own sexual desires

Risk or side-effects of masturbation

 Although masturbation is harmless, some people may experience abrade if they are too rugged. Here are some major side effects that are often seen after too much masturbation.


Some people feel the guilt of conflict with their spirituals, cultural beliefs, and religions. But masturbation is not wrong at all.

Decreased sensitivity of sex

If a person has an aggressive masturbation method that involves a tight grip on their penis, latterly they may feel the decrease in sensation. Using a vibrator can resolve the problem of sensation but also can improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Prostate cancer risk

It is currently a debated topic in research that masturbation may increase or decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

According to a study in 2003, it was suggested that if a man ejaculated more than 5 times each week during their teen years they have a very low risk of having prostate cancer.

In 2016 a research came out that concluded if a person ejaculates 21 times by masturbation has a low risk of prostate cancer.

Disrupting the daily life 

If a person masturbate more than they desire then it will cause a disturbance in their lifelike;

  • Cause them to miss social events, work and their school too
  • Can disrupt the daily routine
  • Can cause the major factor that will affect your relationships and responsibilities.
  • A person will learn how to escape from their relationship responsibility

Sign of low testosterone level in blood

Several signs indicate the low level of testosterone in the blood that may include the     listed below sign;

  • A person can feel the low or decreased sex drive
  • Can feel the lack of energy
  • A reduction in muscles mass can be seen
  • Can cause osteoporosis (bone mass reduction)
  • Gaining of fat in excessive amount, including chest fat(gynecomastia)
  • One can feel the mood swings
  • May feel trouble in maintaining an erection, or erectile dysfunction.
  • Scalp, face, and body hair growth reduces with time

The Takeaway

The masturbation did not have any negative effects on T levels

Although the associated changes of masturbation are temporary or short-term effects that do not have any durable responses on your sexual health or overall well-being.

Mental and personal emotions can affect the T levels. The low T level also has a bad impact on your relationship with your partner. If the symptoms reside longer than expected then medical treatment or advice from your health provider is mandatory.

Sharing the problem which you have faced with your partner or with your doctor resolves the issues associated with the drop in your T levels.


Masturbation does not cause any durable responses or side effects like hair loss, ED, breakouts on your face and back but these effects may associate with lifestyle changes, personal relationships rather than the levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. Communication with your partner about the role of masturbation also plays a salient role in increasing or decreasing the T level in your body. Communication also improves the sexual habits with your partner and also improves the T levels throughout the sexual life with your partner