Once you place your order with us your medication parcel will be dispatched within 6 hours.


Once the shipping details are confirmed with us, the entire details of the tracking order will be shared with customers via email.


The particular email will contain our details as well. Therefore in case if you want to get back to us you can.


You can place your order anywhere you want to. Be it your home, offices, or your personal preferences.


Also if you want that your package should be handed to you only then you can go for registered airmail services. In this, once you receive the package you will be asked to sign before handing the package to verify you as the concerned person.


In case if you are not available (buyer) to collect the package, here a respective message is being sent to the buyer with the other details. Later the buyer can show the message to their nearest post office to collect the package.


Also, you do have to keep in mind that the package needs to be collected within 4 weeks once the message is sent. If you fail to do so then it will be returned to the respective center.



If you are getting a package in a damaged condition or beyond your expectation then you are under refund zone. In this case, as a customer, we do offer you to reship their order and with ease.


Once you have applied for a refund you need to wait for about 30 days to take your delivery.


On the other hand, if you have received the wrong parcel than you expected one then you are eligible for a refund.


You can return the particular package you have received (the wrong one) and here we will reship your correct order.

Perhaps if there are any other concerns about your refunds then we are available 24×7 to assist you.


If your order is not reshipped or if there are any queries in that case will take entire charge to help you.


Here if you want your order to be reshipped then you have to inform our team within 8 weeks after the order has been delivered to you.


Once we confirmed the reshipment request which is either due to loss of the product, the damage we begin with our process.

If you make your reshipment request after 8 weeks then we will not be responsible to take your charge.


What is the key condition of reshipments?

Place your query right from the date you have placed your order.


If your order has been delayed for more than 7 business days due to an unwanted reason which is natural calamities then this is a genuine reason.


Perhaps the customers have to report the case within 8 weeks of the order. Once our team confirms each of the states and gets cleared then we will reship your order within 7 business days.



Our payments methods are safe and secure. You can use a different payment mode that is encrypted.


You can use different payment modes like a credit card, debit card, American express, master cards.


You can reach us anytime as we mentioned earlier as well we are open 24×7.


You can also make use of promotional codes, vouchers to get additional benefits.


Cancellation Policy

Team of works with full dedication and strive to serve customer across the globe. We make sure that each of your purchases is worth and while obtaining different benefits.


But there can be some reasons due to which your order can be canceled.


In case the medicines you are looking for is not in stock then your order will get cancel to avoid any hassle.


If you are willing to cancel your order then you do have to give us a valuable reason.


All of our orders are pre-paid therefore before confirming the order you do have to pay the amount. If you have any queries regarding our services then you are free to connect with us anytime. We will be glad to help you in any of your instances.



Each of our products with is efficient and can offer you the valuable cure as per your needs.


In case if you have received the wrong packet or if the product is damaged we take full account. We will help you to get the right product and in good condition.


If you want any refund or reship your order we are open to assist you in any case.

Also if there is any sort of delay with your order our team will get in touch with you to inform you of the state.


Further, if you feel to connect with us for any query you can connect with our customer support. We will be glad to assist you and solve all of your queries.