How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone?

Before we dive into learning about the ways of arousing a man with low testosterone levels, let’s first get clear about what is testosterone, in brief.

Testosterone is also an anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) apart from being the main male sex hormone. This sex hormone plays a detrimental role in the development of the body organs that are involved in the process of reproduction such as the penile shaft, the testicles as well as prostate.

Apart from its role in developing the primary sexual characteristics of a male body, testosterone hormone also impacts secondary sexual characteristics such as body hair, facial hair, and muscle development in the male body.

Even after a person grows up, testosterone remains vital for the well-being and healthy life functions of a person, one of which is sexual arousal.

Men and women both produce testosterone and estrogen in the body, but the level of testosterone is higher in males for the development of the male sexual characteristics, while women have higher levels of estrogen for the development of the female sexual characteristics.

But in both men and women, it plays the specific role of boosting sexual drive, and they both need adequate levels of testosterone in the body, but the level should be definitely higher for men.

If a man has low levels of testosterone in the body, there are various problems that he may have in his physical growth such as an inadequate amount of facial or body hair. The size of the testicles may be smaller than that of a normal man of your age, which also includes lower production of semen which can cause fertility issues in the future.

Lower blood counts and fatigue may also be the early signs of lower levels of testosterone in the male body, along with decreased bone mass and an increase in body fat.

We are discussing the impact of low testosterone on a man’s sexual functions, and the foremost impact of lack of adequate level of testosterone is a decrease in sexual drive or unexplained disinterest in making love or participating in activities that create physical intimacy between partners.

If a man does not have enough amount of testosterone in the body, he will not have any desire to make love in spite of external stimulation given by visual, oral, or physical mediums.

So men with low testosterone will develop disinterest in sexual activities, and even if they are stimulated, they will have a hard time getting aroused.

Even if they are aroused after multiple means of sexual stimulation, they will not experience erections to an adequate degree required for coitus. 

Even if the erections are achieved, they are often softer than usual and they do not last long due to the insufficient levels of testosterone in the body.

A low level of testosterone in the male body is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in men, which is a sexual dysfunction that affects the erectile functions in men.

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone to Make Love to Him?

It is not possible for anyone to accurately predict or confirm a lack of adequate levels of testosterone in the male body because there are other factors that can cause the symptoms that are also associated with the low levels of testosterone in the body.

Therefore, you should talk to your doctor and have a testosterone test if you have doubts that you have low levels of testosterone in your body.

Once it is established that you are suffering from low levels of testosterone in the body then you will be able to get medical treatments for your condition. 

The most recommended and effective treatment for low levels of testosterone includes Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and there are various ways to administer it, some of them being injection, topical gel, or a skin patch.

Then your doctor may even offer you testosterone pellet implants, or if you want an oral treatment, you may be prescribed oral supplements of testosterone for your treatment.

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone or Increase it Naturally?

While it is true that a man with low testosterone may be assured after multiple mediums to induce arousals or even make use of medications and medical treatments to induce arousal, at times there will be no option but to focus on increasing the testosterone levels in the body. 

And yes, you can do this using safe, effective, and natural ways as well.

One of the ways is to reduce stress as it can be the leading contributor to the decreasing levels of testosterone in the body.

When we are under stress, our body causes elevations in cortisol and when we are under stress, there is an unusual amount of cortisol in our body which suppresses the production of testosterone.

Stress can also cause overeating, retaining excessive body fat, and poor sleep hygiene, and these things, in turn, lead to lower production of the male sex hormone testosterone in the male body.

Other than managing your stress, physical activities are also great for boosting your testosterone levels. You must have observed that men who play sports, especially sports that bring out a certain level of aggression in them are often perceived by women to be more sexually attractive and their virility is also assumed to be high.

This is because when men engage their body in physical activities and sports that ignite in them the desire to win, just like how men felt in the past when they hunted a wild animal or overcame an opponent, then the body releases a lot of testosterone in the body which makes their sexual appeal hit high.

Physical activities also increase the release of serotonin, and dopamine, and other feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters which make a man more confident about himself and his skills. These things in combination can boost the levels of testosterone naturally in your body and you will experience an increase in your sexual drive.

what is testosterone replacement

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Sometimes we have to go beyond what we are aware of? Now you must be here confused what can be all those things?

There are many such things which need to be taken into consideration. However, one of those is about health.

If you do not take care of your health then you will likely be at loss. Hence you need to be updated.

Therefore at this point, if you want to feel young, fresh, and sexually strong then care is needed.

The one aspect which you need to know about is known as Low Testosterone.

It has been seen that low testosterone level has been witnessed with the increase in the sex drive and mood.

Hence here you must know What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

How can it be beneficial and what all necessary steps need to be taken care of.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Not many of you must be knowing about testosterone replacement therapy. But when it comes to health you must know all information.

Considering testosterone replacement therapy will help men to feel younger and refreshed.

Also when age becomes higher there might be a need for therapy.

But before beginning, there are many aspects which need to be known. Testosterone is known as the hormone which is produced in the testicles.

What are the benefits of testosterone replacement? Let us tell you all of those.

There are many benefits that testosterone therapy can serve to men. Some of those are-

✓ Increment in the density of the bone
✓ Distribution of fat
✓ Providing strengths to muscles
✓ Production of red blood cells
✓ Improvement in sex drive and production of sperms

Many aspects can come into place. Now, what happens when testosterone level happens with age.

The level of testosterone level rises at the time of adolescence and also at early adulthood.

This means at your age your testosterone level tends to lower which is about 1%.

Therefore for men, as you age it becomes necessary to determine the level of testosterone. Here you need to be aware of what are the risks of testosterone therapy hold?

Perhaps if you do not know then let us tell you all of those.

What Are The Risks Of Testosterone therapy?

On one side when testosterone replacement therapy can offer you benefits but it does have some risks.

This means before undergoing therapy you must know each one of those.

Condition Of Prostate Cancer

The therapy can stimulate the chances of prostate cancer.


There can be a case of a blood clot and hence care needs to be taken. It means a testosterone replacement therapy carries some warning and hence you must consult a doctor at first.

Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from a sleep disorder then there can be more disturbance. At the time men here can undergo problems to detect the condition and hence needs consideration.

Heart Failure

Men who are suffering from mild to severe heart problem needs to avoid the therapy.

There can be many such risks associated with testosterone therapy. All you need is to consult with a doctor to undergo the case.

Besides these risks, there can be many side effects as well. Do you know what all those are?

No, then you can here encounter all of those as well.

Different side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?

Various side effects of testosterone replacement therapy? And how can they be overcome? Are you looking to find relatable solutions?

Let us at first tell you what all side-effects are-

✓ Depression
✓ Irritation
✓ The low drive of sex
✓ Low energy level
✓ Difficult in concentrating
✓ Reduction in a mass of muscles.

Any one of these can be part of your life when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. But to make sure that you do not suffer for long you must reach a doctor.

If you encounter any of those then you must immediately reach to doctor.

In this, you can take proper command of the entire state and feel young and refreshed.

Now to another case you might have developed a thought of What happens when you start testosterone replacement therapy?

When we begin with any of the treatments we undergo all inside and outside of the condition.

And so is the case with testosterone replacement therapy?

The therapy can help in reversing the effect of hypogonadism. But there is a case where it becomes unclear as well.

This means whether the therapy would affect older men or not who are healthy?

There are some studies made where it has been clear that the therapy allows men to be more refreshed.

Means men are more vigorous with the help of suitable therapy and medicines.

Also on the other hand the therapy is indicated to increase the sexual drive. This means men who are low at their sex drive can help themselves.

Many men around the world suffer from weak erections.

Therefore undergoing testosterone replacement therapy can help in boosting sexual drive.

However, testosterone replacement therapy is available in many forms like-

✓ Injection and implants
✓ Mouth patches
✓ Gels
✓ Skin patches

There can be oral to those of simple testosterone pills. All you need is to look at what can suit you.

Here in this case you must reach a doctor.

You Should Consult Doctor About Testosterone Therapy

If you are in dilemma whether the therapy would be effective for you? Or what is the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost? then you must reach the doctor here.

It is only the experts who can guide you better in every aspect.

The specialist here after undergoing your medical condition can let you know about all cons and pros.

Also, it is necessary because when you are heading to any treatment you must know all about it.

In this way, you can plan your treatment.

Make sure to follow all instructions as per the specialist. In this way, it becomes easier to get fast and efficient results. So as is the case with testosterone replacement therapy.

How To Increase Blood Flow To Penis Naturally

How To Increase Blood Flow To Penis Naturally

Why increasing blood flow become a mandate for men? What happens when there is a weak flow of blood?

And how to increase blood flow to the penis naturally?

Many questions can arise in one’s mind. Are you also the one wondering what happens in case of weak blood flow?

A weak flow of blood hampers one’s sexual life. The state is known as ED or impotence.

The case mainly occurs in men and hence can be a because of several causes.

Millions of men are undergoing poor blood flow and in turn ED.

The condition seems to be easier to handle but can be deadly at some point.

The one can easily result in many breakages and losses. Hence there is a need to take command as soon as one encounters.

If you increase blood flow then you will be able to pull strong erecting power.

In turn, there is a need to determine what is ED and its related causes.

In the other case what drugs increase blood flow? Once you can determine the exact solutions then you will be able to comfort your life.

How Far Erectile Dysfunction Has Impacted Men’s Life?

As per the research, it has been stated that 40% of men are under ED. This means you can easily understand how far the condition has worsened.

There can be many reasons, it can be associated with your physical or physiological life.

Hence as a man, you must take command.

Although there are ways to cure, one of those is with Fildena 100. The oral dose supports the stage easily.

The dose contains sildenafil Citrate which helps in improving the flow of blood.

All you need is to take the dose right 30 minutes before you go for course. In this way, the sexual course becomes easier and also healthy.

The oral doses are suggested as the first-line treatment. Therefore almost all men consider the one cure.

Hence you must without suffering take the appropriate cure in mind.

Erectile dysfunction is known as a medical condition where men suffer from weak sexual life.

Getting satisfactory sexual life is very important to carry relationships. Hence you must take command to get it to cure with proper methods.

There are different cause of erectile dysfunction which includes-

  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome

Hence to overcome all of these causes with the right cure is a mandate.

A medical specialist (urologist) can easily diagnose the condition. Also, they will assist you with how to increase blood flow to the pelvic region.

After undergoing your entire medical and sexual history they will help you with the condition.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to discuss this subject but if you will not then cure will not be taken forth.

Many treatments can help you with ED. One of those is with oral doses like Cenforce 200 which has Sildenafil Citrate in it.

It allows the proper blood flow to the penis.

In turn, will help you to undergo strong erecting power. This means you will be able to lead your sexual life easily and smoothly.

Sildenafil is known as the generic form of Viagra. At first, doctors even suggest the oral dose than medical procedures.

It is mainly because the oral dose has been found to help men with ED at a faster rate.

Oral Dose Belongs To PDE-5 Inhibitor

PDE-5 inhibitors are known as medicines that are specifically designed to improve blood flow. This means you have the easiest way to help yourself with the sexual course.

You can easily enhance sexual performance and ED.

At the time when you feel that you are weak or losing interest in sex, then these medicines are a great saviour.

By taking the dose you will be able to set your mood so as your sexual life easier.

On the other case, there are some natural methods to increase blood flow to the penis.

What Are The Natural Ways To Increase Blood Flow To Penis

There are several natural ways through which you can easily help with ED. This means apart from oral dose there are other ways as well.

Now, what all those are? Let us tell you so that you can easily cure your state without any trouble.

Intake Of Vitamins

Many vitamins can even help in the flow of blood properly. After all, this is the only need.

Hence if you are wondering how to increase blood flow to the penis naturally then intake of vitamins is one of those.

Evidence has been found that men with ED are deficient in vitamins.

Therefore it becomes necessary to take vitamins which can contribute to your health.


A healthy diet will always contribute to a happy life. This means if you will eat well then you will be able to grow rich.

However the case is with ED, if you are taking an unhealthy way of living then ED will impact you hardly.

This means you will have to support your life with healthy food around. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes and low proceed food.

By including all of this diet will help you to be in less contact with ED.

Erectile dysfunction impacts men who do not take care of their health. Hence the case rises, this means you will have to undertake the diet which can help you.


Over-the-counter supplements can help men to increase blood flow to the penis.

Supplements like Ginseng, L-arginine, Horny goat weed. Any one of these can be taken but with proper care.

You can consider any of those, but by undertaking your requirements. Also in this case you can at first consult a specialist.

It might be the case that not all supplements can help you. Or the case where they can offer you benefits.

Therefore it becomes a necessity to consult before considering the supplements.


As such, there is not any particular exercise that has to be considered for increased blood flow.

Hence even if you are following your proper daily schedule of exercise can help you. For ED, Kegel’s exercise can eventually help.

All you need is to maintain your flow of blood for hard erections.

On the other side, pelvic floor exercise can help to improve the proper flow of blood.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is very important as it becomes easier to carry sexual life ahead.

This means you will not have to face shyness, embracement’s and also stress.

Make sure to follow a proper regime to help you with your condition.

When To See A Doctor

If you are experiencing ED (Impotence) for quite a long then you must not delay in taking the proper cure. This means you have to reach a specialist for discussion.

Make sure to discuss what are you feeling and undergoing. After defining your state properly you will be able to withstand the proper cure.

Specialists after undergoing the entire condition will help you with a proper cure.

One can be an oral cure which is considered as the first-line treatment and the other is the natural.

In this way, you can easily get command of your condition.

why cant i get hard

Why Can’t I Get Hard?

When men are sexually aroused, their brain directs the flow of blood towards the penis, making it erect and hard due to the presence of the extra blood in the lining around the penile shaft, which is known as an erection.

Erections are known by various nicknames such as a hard-on, or boner and each generation has its own slang for the effect that sexual arousal or desire has on their male member.

Men can have erections in the morning when they wake up, which is known as morning wood, but it is not always a result of sexual arousal.

But most of the time men have erections due to sexual arousal and the absence of erections in spite of regular and adequate sexual arousal can indicate erections problems.

What Are Erection Problems and Why do They Occur?

There are various states or conditions which can be termed penis problems, such as difficulty in getting a hard-on which often makes men ask as “Why can’t I get hard?”.

Some men are able to achieve a hard-on, but they are softer or weaker and may not allow the men to make love satisfactorily.

Erection problems also include difficulty in maintaining erections for a duration that is required for making love.

These are some of the erections problems that men face, apart from having difficulty in achieving a hard-on which can be termed as erection issues.

Why Can’t I Get Hard and other Questions Men have about Erections.

There are a variety of reasons for erections issues with men, but they are classified into two main categories based on their causes, which are physical causes and psychological causes.

The question, “Why Can’t I Get Hard?” often worries men but occasionally all men have some erection problems such as difficulty in having an erection, softer and weaker erections, or inability to maintain erections.

But if these erection problems are persistent and do not pass away after a while, you should go to your doctor and discuss your erectile health.

If erection problems last for more than 3 months without any improvement in the symptoms, then there is a possibility that the person may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What are the Prime Factors Causing Erectile Issues in Men?

Men may suffer from erectile issues due to a variety of factors, which can be termed erectile dysfunction.

Interestingly there are two types of erectile dysfunction, one is temporary while the other one is permanent.

Temporary or Reversible Cases of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Usually, men may suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction when they do not have adequate experience in making love which can make them nervous which can inhibit their arousal, and result in poor erections.

Some men worry too much when they are making love for the first time to a new partner which can cause performance anxiety and cause poor erectile functions, but these issues go away as men feel more confident in their ability to make love to their partner.

Some medications, especially medications used for the treatment of depression can also induce temporary erectile dysfunction, which usually goes away once a person stops using the medication.

Emotional upheaval in life or a major event such death of a loved one, betrayal in a romantic relationship, or excessive stress in life can have a direct impact on a man’s sexual drive and cause erectile dysfunction, but these cases of erectile dysfunction are often reversible with time and proper treatment.

Permanent or Irreversible Cases of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as a side-effect or secondary symptom of another condition such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, lack of testosterone, and obesity.

People who smoke excessively often have to deal with erectile dysfunction, and so do excessive alcohol drinkers.

These cases of erectile dysfunction last for a lifetime and men have to deal with it with the help of treatments available for managing the symptoms of this condition as there is no permanent cure for this condition as of now.

How to Manage the Symptoms of Temporary and Permanent Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

If you want to get relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, then it must be discussed with your doctor, as your doctor will be able to give you specific help.

Most doctors prescribe oral medications such as Cenforce 100 for the preliminary treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, and specific treatments may be given such as testosterone injections.

Oral treatments such as Vidalista are popular among men due as they act quickly and men have to invest less amount of money in them as compared to other treatment options such as penile implants.

Oral medications of erectile dysfunction usually contain PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil, but not all cases of erectile dysfunction are solved by the use of these drugs.

Some people may specifically require a boost in their testosterone levels while others may only have penile implants as an option.

There are certain cases of erectile dysfunction which are treated with the help of talk therapy and counseling sessions.

There are also a variety of herbs that may be used in their plant form or as supplements for managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction better.

What to Do When I Can’t Keep a Hard On?

Get help from your doctor to get quick relief from your condition and look into the main causes of your condition or watch out for anything that makes the symptoms of your erectile dysfunction worse.

Some men find that the symptoms of their erectile dysfunction are worse after eating a particularly heavy meal, or due to lack of sleep. Stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, and even sadness can hamper a man’s sexual drive and lead to poor erectile dysfunction.

Men should try to stay physically active to maintain an adequate amount of testosterone in their body, and they should invest in food items and habits that are good for their sexual health to have good hard-ons.

home remedies to keep a hard on

Home Remedies To keep a Hard-on

Men have a penile shaft which is used for the purpose of urination as well as sexual intercourse, men need to have healthy erectile functions for having a healthy sexual life.

Usually, men who have a healthy body are able to enjoy healthy sexual functions, and their erectile functions also smooth. 

But there are multiple things that can interfere with normal erectile functions and cause various issues such as problems in getting erections, softer erections, or erections that do not last long or complete absence of erections.

Occasional issues with erections are not a big deal, men of all ages can have issues with erections at some point due to a variety of factors.

Young men who are exploring sexual intercourse for the first time may have quick erections, but their lasting capacity may be less.

Nervousness or performance anxiety can make a man have trouble in having and keeping erections, and it can also happen to men who have experience in making love to their partner.

There are times when a couple may be making love to each other for the first time, which may make a man nervous and fear of disappointing their sexual partner and make them self-conscious which can also cause poor erectile dysfunctions in men.

These occasional issues with erectile functions can occur at any age, but they do not mean that they are having a sexual dysfunction.

Men who suffer from occasional issues with having or maintaining erections usually do not need any medication or treatment and the symptoms pass away on their own.

So men have no need to worry about occasional issues with their penile erections. Almost every man has some issues with his erectile functions once in a while, and it is considered normal.

When Should Men Worry about the State of Their Penile Erections?

Men whose erection issues do not pass away after a while or if they have trouble having erections, or do not have hard enough erections or any suffer from any persisting difficulty in having erections then may need to discuss it with their doctor.

Men who have persistent problems in having erections for at least 3 months may be suffering from a major male sexual dysfunction known as erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction and What are its Effects on Penile Erections?

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual dysfunction that is generally diagnosed in adult men who are suffering from a variety of heart conditions and poor blood circulation.

There are two major factors that can make a person suffer from erectile dysfunction, one type includes physical factors, the other constitutes psychological factors.

The physical factors can be listed as poor blood circulation, heart diseases, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, testosterone levels, and hormonal imbalance. The psychological factors include conditions such as depression, aversion to making love, body image issues, anxiety or trauma caused by past verbal, physical, or sexual abuse as a child, or betrayal or trauma from past relationships.

Currently, there is no cure for getting permanent relief from erectile dysfunction, but there are many ED medications, penile pumps and implants, and surgical procedures available to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help men enjoy healthy erectile functions.

Treatments, Pills, and Home Remedies to Keep a Hard-on 

There are many different types of treatments offered to men for the improvement of their sexual function and for the treatment of their erectile dysfunctions.

Some of them like surgical implants are only used as a last resort or if a person does not respond positively to other treatments of erectile dysfunction such as penile pumps, or testosterone injections.

Oral pills, being the most popular of all the treatments of erectile dysfunction are also the most commonly used ones.

They are small and easy to carry, they work faster than other treatments of erectile dysfunction, and they come at a fraction of the price range of other available treatments of erectile dysfunction. The most well-known pill men use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Viagra, made up of the drug Sildenafil citrate. Pills of Viagra work effectively for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, but they can often be costly so generic equivalents are also available in the market across the world.

Erectile dysfunction that has its roots in psychological issues such as depression and anxiety can be treated with the combination of counseling, therapy, and medications based on the essence of your problem.

Many doctors also assist people in having healthier erectile functions with the help of dietary changes and exercise.

The medical treatments are prescribed and recommended after careful examination of the symptoms and the root cause of the issues of penile erections.

Home remedies to keep a hard-on are not that specific but are meant for the overall development of the body which can further enhance sexual functions in men.

Common Home remedies to keep a hard-on, maintain it & Deal with Poor Erectile functions:

Letting Go of Activities that Put your Heart at a Risk:

There are things such as smoking and excessive intake of alcohol that create various issues with your overall health, but they have severe consequences for the health of your heart.

Most people who smoke and drink also suffer from erectile dysfunction and various other issues related to their sexual health such as low sperm count, and energy issues.

Men who let go of such activities often see an improvement in their overall health which includes their erectile functions.

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Men who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction as blood circulation plays a key role in making healthy erections possible for men.

Activities such as exercise help in boosting healthy blood flow, and physical activities are major testosterone level boosters that enhance the sexual drive of men.

Fruits and vegetables rich in nitrates are also recommended for aiding blood circulation as assisting the occurrence of healthy, hard, and long-lasting penile erections for men.

the best male enhancement pills

Which are the Best Male Enhancement Pills in the Market?

We as a society are more aware, open, and proactive about our sex life now. Irrespective of our gender or our sexual orientation, every adult person has the resources and choices to improve or enhance their sexual experience.

Male enhancement pills are used by men or people with sexual organs of male anatomy, and there are many different categories and types of them.

What is the best male enhancement pills‘ Use?

You must have heard of medications such as Vidalista which are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, they essentially improve the erectile functions of the penile shaft, thus they can be termed as male enhancement pills.

A healthy adult man usually has healthy erectile functions, virility, and healthy sperm count, and these healthy traits of their sexual health deteriorate over time due to increasing age, illness, diseases, injury, or even stress.

There are different kinds of oral pills such as Fildena which are recommended by doctors for the treatment of a sexual dysfunction known as erectile dysfunction, and it can be termed as a male enhancement pill.

The purpose of male enhancement pills is to improve the sexual functions of a male body, which can include boosting the functioning of the erectile function, lasting longer in bed, or improving the sperm count, or boosting the vigor to perform in bed.

Male enhancement pills are oral medications or supplements which enhance the sexual functions of a man’s body.

Different types of pills and supplements are centered around the treatment of different sexual functions one of which is erectile dysfunction and medications containing PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Sildenafil citrate, and Avanafil are popular among men who suffer from these types of disorders.

Medications such as Cenforce 100 are the best male enhancement pills for erectile dysfunction in men. 

Male enhancement pills are not a new age invention, since enhance days various herbs and plants have been used to improve sexual prowess in many ancient civilizations such as India, Egypt, and China.

The definition of the best male enhancement pills changes from one person to another, as men have different needs and requirements when it comes to their sexual prowess.

You should take to the assistance of your doctor to figure out the best male enhancement pills for you by discussing the specific requirements that you have when it comes to the act of lovemaking, your medical history as well as your age, and the frequency of lovemaking acts that you have in your life.

Male enhancement pills are pretty common now, and if you search male enhancement pills USA or Canada, you will find various brands which are available for different conditions and requirements, some male enhancement supplements can also be bought online.

Even though they are used by many men and doctors also recommend them for improving sexual functions, there are many misconceptions regarding their use.

Let’s look at some common questions people have regarding the use, effectiveness, and reliability of male enhancement pills.

Can Male Enhancement Pills Increase Penis Size Permanently?

If you are an adult male, well past the growing age, around your 20s or mid-20s or higher then you will almost never experience an increase in the size of the penile shaft, regardless of the supplement you use.

Many men who suffer from a lack of erections develop insecurities around the size of their penile shaft as an elonged penile shaft appears bigger than when it is in its resting state.

But medications almost never have any impact on the actual size of the penis size and the idea that male enhancement pills increase the size of the penile shaft is nothing more than a misconception or wishful thinking.

There are some male enhancement pills that help in gaining erections for men who are not suffering from any kind of erections and when a penis is erect they appear bigger due to the extra flow of blood in the penile shaft, but even the erections do not last forever so the change is no way a permanent one.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Only for Older Men Who have Passed their Prime Years?

Men can suffer from different kinds of sexual dysfunctions at any age, though many of them were associated with old age in the past.

But currently, our health plays a key role in determining the diseases that we suffer from as compared to our age, a man in his 30s can suffer from various sexual dysfunctions due to massive drinking problems or obesity while a healthy 55-year-old man may be doing alright in bed without any help due to his healthy lifestyle.

So men who suffer from issues in their sexual life or want to enhance or improve their sexual function, then you may use or consider making use of male enhancement pills.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Create Health Risks?

Every drug or supplement used for any treatment have their own benefits, but there are also side effects, but you should discuss any medication, pill, or supplement with your doctor.

This will help your doctor to identify or foresee any health complications that you may suffer from after making use of any kind of male enhancement pills and advise you according to your requirements.

Where to buy Male Enhancement Pills for Use?

You can buy Male Enhancement Pills from a variety of places, you will find them in your local pharmacy stores, and your doctors may also prescribe suitable medications and pills to you. You will find the best male enhancement pill overall or even ed meds online from various online pharmacy stores across the world.

But it is best to take your male enhancement pills or supplements only if your doctor asks you to take them and men should be aware that they should have realistic expectations of their performance in bed with their partner. Also, it is natural for sexual prowess to decline with age.

Do You need A Prescription For Viagra

Do You Need A Prescription For Viagra?

Lot many medicines have come up, to cure erectile dysfunction. All you need is to stay alert and consider precautions while consuming.

This will help you to overcome your sexual health and with many positive results. Male do suffer from sexual health and to this, the state is called erectile dysfunction.

It has affected millions of men around but there is a suitable cure for it in terms of ED medicine. One of those is Cenforce 100.

It has an active component called Sildenafil Citrate which helps to improve blood flow. But you also need to keep in mind all the necessary conditions associated with ED.

When you are consuming any of the medicine they do hold some or the other measures. All of those are suggested to help you in offering better results.

Like those of the precautions, interactions, and warnings associated with it.

Once you are cleared in every aspect then and there you will be able to get a hold on the accurate result.

Now along with Cenforce, there is no doubt there are lot many of that medicine.

This is whereas men you need to at first look what all are those. Next is which one will be suitable for you.

To go ahead with the stage you can consult your concerned specialist. Also in many cases, men do ask “do you need a prescription for Viagra” to this it is not a mandated step. 

In case of erectile dysfunction, the specialist will help you to give you proper advice and terminology.

What Is Viagra? 

Viagra which contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active component is a medicine for ED. It is an oral medicine that can be easily consumed by men.

At the time of sex men and women need to be fit. But if anyone is coming up with any concern then it is a problem. One such condition where men put themselves as weak is in ED.

To cure the condition you can take the help of Fildena 100.

The condition arises in men and therefore treatment is needed with Viagra.

It belongs to the class of drugs PDE-5 inhibitors which break down the substance called cGMP. The main need for men to cope with hard erections is to gain proper blood flow.

When the consumption of Viagra is done then it fetches the one needed. It relaxes the blood vessels and gives men a harder and stronger erecting power.

It is also very easy to attain medicine at present. Therefore if you are wondering do you need a prescription for Viagra, then the answer is NO.

You do not have to be with prescription as the online pharmacy has made men’s work easier.

It is all because sometimes men feel shy to attain ED medicine. Also, they do not go for the doctor’s advice.

Therefore there is no need for you to own a prescription for ED medicine purchase.

Do You Need A Prescription For Viagra? 

Most of the men do ask for the question do you need a prescription for Viagra? As we have already told you that there is no need to go for.

The purchase of erectile dysfunction is way more possible at present. With the help of an online pharmacy, you can now purchase the one you wish to. There are lot many of those like Cenforce 200 and others that contain sildenafil.

How To Get Viagra?

The purchase of Viagra and other medicine can be made with the help of an online pharmacy. You do not have to step out as well.

All you need is to have web and half of the work is done.

When you feel around that you are sexually weak then the step to consume ED medicine will help you.

They have the power to give you the best erecting power. All you need is to consume them right 30 minutes before sex.

In this way, you will be able to last for long. Also, you can develop a great relationship.

Why Is Viagra Only Available With a Prescription?

Viagra to those of other ED medicine is available only on prescription. If you are looking to find out an answer then you are right place.

We here are enclosing each of the details which can help you to cure your sexual life.

Some medicine is available through prescription and the same is the case with Viagra. This is meant because ED needs a proper and thorough treatment.

Therefore you do not drop yourself into the wrong state, you need to consult with a doctor.

Once the doctor will determine your state then they will write a prescription.

You can show it to the medicine store and attain the one. It is done all to keep your safety in your hands.

Best Way To Get Viagra Online

The best way to get ED medicine like Viagra is made possible with Now you must be wondering what they have unique to offer.

Or why do I reach them? If you have such doubts, then we will give you the advice to visit us. 

 We have a safe and secured stop through which you can complete your purchase. We have all FDA-approved medicine and so as Viagra.

Also, you can get different strengths of ED medicine. This will help you to complete your purchase in one place.

How to Get a Prescription for Viagra

Erectile dysfunction which is called impotence needs attention. If you have encountered weak erections during sex then do consult a doctor.

After your entire medical check-up doctor will help you to get the respected prescription. The one which can help you.

It can be a Viagra or other relevant dose. There are many ED medicines as we have mentioned earlier. To this Vidalista 60 is one of those.

ED medicine belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors and therefore they help in raising the level of blood.

Once the blood flows in the respective direction, therein strong erections will take place.


How can I know the cause of ED?

You can determine the cause by undergoing different tests for ED. Once you go through weak erections do consult a doctor.

What are the different causes of ED?

There are different physical of physiological causes of ED. You can ask the doctor by sharing your entire medical history.

Is there a way to determine ED?

Yes, there are different ways to determine ED. With the help of a urine test, blood count test, testosterone level ED can be determined.

For how long erectile dysfunction lasts?

ED has no actual time, when you go for sex you tend to know the condition.

What is the best way to cure ED?

The best way to cure ED is through with its medicine. There is much medicine available online and also to those of stores.

Besides ED medicine do I hold any other way?

There are natural methods, medical procedures through which men can overcome ED.

What other condition do I have to look for ED control?

You need to control your unhealthy ways of living and your lifestyle.

What are the different precautions that need to be kept in mind?

You have to stop your habit of drinking, smoking, and intake of drugs besides this, if you are suffering from any other health concerns do tell your doctor.

When do I have to reach a sex specialist?

When you are unable to cope up with your sexual life or feel weaken.

Where can in getting information about erectile dysfunction?

You can get ample information over the web. But when you feel weak it is better to consult your condition with a doctor at first.

how does viagra work

How does Viagra work?

The use of Viagra for the first time raised a lot of questions in mind like how it will be beneficial in disease. What is the average dose a healthy person should take? Will the high dosage affect the other organs of our body? How long does it work? What are the major side effects of Viagra? What are the after-effects that are healthy for a human being? Will the use of Viagra cause major health issues in the future? And many more but here we will discuss the answer to some major questions related to Viagra in Erectile dysfunction.

What is viagra?

Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction during the response to sexual stimulation. It works by filling the penis with enough blood to cause an erection when men are sexually excited.

Viagra is sildenafil citrate a selective citrate salt to inhibit the cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) specific phosphodiesterase type-5(PDE5) Which helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).it will not help in increasing the sexual desire but it relaxes muscles to increase the blood flow that was hampered due to erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a U.S Food and Drug Administration-approved drug to treat erection.

Viagra is rapidly absorbed by blood plasma protein within an hour of oral dosing on empty stomach. The rate of absorption is affected or reduced by taking a high-fat meal. after oral or intravenous dosage, the Viagra salts will excrete as metabolites in feces.

How does Viagra work?

Viagra is the first oral therapy for erectile dysfunction and it involves the release of nitric oxide in the Corpus cavernosum by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase type 5(PDE5) during sexual stimulation that will degrade the guanylate cyclase enzyme to increase the cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate which helps in smooth muscles in corpus cavernosum and increase the inflow of blood to work properly. It works as a vasodilator to increase the blood flow where it is needed the most or to cure erectile dysfunction.

Viagra should be taken before 30-60 minutes before sex and also make sure that your stomach is empty at the time of taking this medicine. It will not prove more beneficial if a person is sick, drunk, or intoxicated than on a healthy person.

It has been proven if Viagra has taken over a high-fat meal the response may be delayed for hours. If the effective hours of Viagra are more than four hours the medical consultation is required.

In the study, it was found that PDE5 concentration is likely lower in platelets, visceral smooth muscles, and skeletal muscles and their inhibition of PDE5 by Viagra may be the basis for the platelet antiaggregatory activity of nitric oxide, peripheral arterial-venous dilation, and formation of a platelet thrombus.

How long does Viagra last?

The long-lasting behavior of these drugs depends upon various factors like the age of patients, dosage, and of course the health of a person. The average dose is 25-100mg is sufficient for up to hours if it has taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity.

If you are in a healthy state or do not have any health issues and are sexually aroused then it could take effect sooner but underlying conditions much affect the duration of Viagra to work properly in your body and may last longer than an hour.

Depending upon the metabolism of patients, when it is completely absorbed in the bloodstream it will typically last for up to 4 to 5 hours but not in the case of diabetic patients or case of any disease like heart disease or neurological disorder. Medical advice is mandatory if you feel any pain or long erection.

When Viagra is needed?

Before taking any medicine or Viagra one should know the underlying cause of impotence. A consultation from your health provider is needed before you take viagra to maintain your erection. Also, it is important to take caution from you purchasing it and it is also available online.

Some patients will not be comfortable in consultation with the health provider or see a therapist to resolve the psychological issues but if you have trouble in maintaining an erection that’s enough for sex you may take medication like Viagra.

Once you feel that you are not getting the desired results which you want then you should talk to your health provider.

Other than erectile dysfunction, Viagra is also useful in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and high blood pressure.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Of course, every medicine that has good effects has bad effects too for some specific reason. Here’s below a list of some familiar side effects of Viagra that one can experience mostly.

  1. Headache only in 16% and common in most of the patients
  2. Flushing in 10% of patients who have any heart-related problem
  3. Dyspepsia in 7% of patients who follow an unhealthy diet
  4. Nasal congestion in 3% of patients who has weak immunity
  5. Urinary tract infection in 2% of patients
  6. Abnormal vision in 1% of patients who have prior disorders
  7. Diarrhea in 2% of patients who drink at an excessive level
  8. Dizziness in 1% of patients
  9. Rash in 1% of patients
  10. Back pain in 1% of patients
  11. Indigestion in 1% patients

Rarely has it caused heart failure in patients having heart diseases. Prior health problems like diabetes, neurological disorder, and any other health issues increase the risks for experiencing these side-effects listed above.

If you are taking any kind of nitrates-containing medicine regularly then you should not take Viagra anymore because it will cause a drop in blood pressure to an unsafe level.


Viagra is proven to be an effective strategy to treat erectile dysfunction by U.S FDA but take it only if your doctor prescribed it to you after doing a certain physical test. Viagra drug is used to treat ED but is not able for complete cure. If you take Viagra with any nitrates-containing drugs will lead you to a life-threatening level.

How Long Should Sex Last

How Long Should Sex Last?

There are many jokes about the duration of lovemaking, often where men are the butt of the jokes. But do the jokes have any basis in reality or just an exaggeration of stereotypes?

Let’s have a deep look at the duration involved in the act of making love.

First, we need to distinguish between the act of lovemaking which is sexual intercourse, and as most of the research and studies available have data about vaginal intercourse, we will today primarily consider the heterosexual act of lovemaking.

But the act and process of lovemaking are not one and the same. There might be days of sexual tension, lots of flirting, the foreplay may last a good 40-60 minutes, and your afterplay maybe even longer, but they do not specifically count as intercourse.

If we take into account only the intercourse during the act of love, the average sex time lasts about 3-7 minutes and it varies from person to person.

Younger men who are new to the sexual relationship may not have that much experience in making love and the newness of things may make them have orgasms quicker than men or women who are more experienced in the ways of love.

There are many people who do not have orgasms from sexual intercourse so even for them the duration of the penetration does not matter much. Please know that you can enjoy sexual satisfaction in many different ways and sexual intercourse is just one part of the many ways.

How Long Sex Lasts on Average for Most People Across the Globe?

There are certain surveys conducted to figure out average sex time in people across the globe, and it has been reported to be between three to seven minutes, but because of the nature of the survey it is possible that people may have exaggerated or in some ways under measured the time spend in the act of making love.

But most people report that if the sexual penetration lasts for just 60 seconds to 100 seconds then it is unsatisfying and extremely short, especially for women.

On the other hand, if the penetration lasts for 10 to 30 minutes then it can put a strain on a man and even cause pain for the women and is considered too long for most people. Again, personal preferences may differ from the general opinion and there are no specifics as desires.

As far as the question of how long should sex last most people think that anything between 7 to 13 minutes is appreciated by both the partners in the act of making love.

But how long should sex last for you depends on your own personal preference, stamina as well as your partner’s desires and comfort level.

Does the Duration of Lovemaking Differ if We Make Love Multiple Times?

Yes, of course, in anything you do, you will see some fluctuations in your performance, either you will take shorter or longer but such fluctuations during multiple sessions of lovemaking are considered to be normal.

Many young people wonder how long should first round last and this anxiety regarding the duration of lovemaking can often make them suffer from premature ejaculation, for a temporary basis at least.

Are there any Solutions for Longer Lasting Sex?

Yes, the duration of intercourse can be increased but first of all, you have to set realistic expectations, knowing that the average sex time is 3-7 minutes, it is quite unrealistic to be at it for more than 40-60 minutes under any circumstances.

But you can try certain tactics for longer sex after identifying the reason for the short duration of sexual intercourse. If you ejaculate quickly due to a lack of experience in the techniques of making love, then you will have to learn and also practice to get better.

If you are unable to have long penile penetration due to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, you may have to ask your doctor regarding the usage of medications such as Cenforce 100 and Vidalista.

Please note that medications such as Cenforce 200 are available as prescription medications and will only be recommended if your doctor finds that you need them.

You may also find that the shorter duration of your lovemaking process is due to sexual dysfunction; known as premature ejaculation which can be caused due to a variety of factors and is treated based on the responsible factors.

Are There Any Tactics for Shorter Sex?

Yes, while the whole narrative behind jokes about lovemaking is that it should be long and deeply satisfying but there are some people who like their thrills in small doses and which is why quickies are so popular!

You can skip the foreplay if you want to have orgasms quickly and even try masturbation or helping your partner to guide you to areas or activities that are most arousing for you.

Ultimately, Sex is an Experience Not a Time-Keeping Contest

The jokes can mean anything, the media can portray whatever appeals to the imagination, but one thing that will not change is the fact that sex is a physical as well as emotional experience for both partners.

When you make love, you will be able to express affection in a variety of ways, of which sexual intercourse is just one part, which is vital but if you are unable to spend less time in it, there are other ways to make up for it.

Discuss the things that both of you enjoy, and the duration of intercourse that both of you are comfortable with. The duration will vary, change and improve with time.

Also, accept that your body has its own biology, and your sexual experiences will change with your age. The vigor you have in your 20s will not remain the same when you are in your 50s and with age, there is a reduction in sexual drive as well.

So see sex as an activity of deriving pleasure and expressing affection as long as both partners are willing, consenting adults, and completely happy with the duration of lovemaking.

How to make your penis bigger

How To Make Your Penis Bigger?

If a person desires a bigger penis then one question must arise in their mind, that is, how to make penis bigger? What is penis stretching? Will the penis enlargement product be effective as prescribed? And many more here we will provide you with the answer to every question.

What is penis stretching?

The girth and the length of the penis can be increased with the help of any device or by using your hands.

The results of stretching can be temporary or usually minimal but it overall helps in minimum enlargement of the penis.

Does penis stretch work?

Penis stretching only works to some extent only because the penis is a vascular organ of our body.

There is very little evidence that is provided by research that concludes that if a person gets desirable results by stretching the penis, there tend to be temporary or moderate type effects.

Although penis stretching is not supported by any scientific theories, it is a noninvasive, inexpensive technique that gives pleasure and comfort to people.

Penis enlargement products

There are several exercises, surgeries, medications, or instruments that can help in increment in your penis size.


Surgery and Penis implants– to enlarge the size and girth of a penis surgery can but in most cases the complications have been seen after the surgery. The cutting of the suspensory ligament attaches the penis to the pubic bone.


Cosmetic filler or penis injection– they have proven effective to some extent only but also have several associated side-effects like ED.


Male enhancement pills– several companies claim that their product is sufficient therapy for enlargement of the penis. But one should aware of the truth and facts of those therapies because of no medication.


The manscaping process to enlarge the penis- is a nonmedical treatment that involves the grooming of genital organs to improve their growth. One can use waxing or shaving of pubic hair to stand out the genitals more.


Stretching exercises The massage of the penis along with its length by using your hands can improve the size and girth of the penis. Minute micro-tears can occur by stretching the skin that may cause the penis to look longer.


Jelqing– It is a type of massage that proves to be effective in increasing or enlarging the penis.


Stretching device – Several devices are present in the market to enlarge your penis but it is still unclear what is the basic mechanism of their working in enlargement of the penis. Here we discussed some penis enlargement devices and their direction of usage that can be used to maintain the length of the penis and can make the penis bigger than before.


Vacuum pump or penis pump- Firstly penis should be placed inside the air-filled chamber. The suction process can be started now that pulls the blood into your penis and causes it to become erect. Keep this erection process or suction for 30 minutes and having sex or masturbate during this process is safe. Must remove the suction ring after the process is complete.


Traction devices

The following steps are involved in the handling of this device

  1. Insertion of the penis into the base end of the device
  2. Must check that the head of the penis is secure within the 2 notches of that device
  3. Pull your penis upward slowly and make sure that the end of the silicone tube grips at the bottom of the device.
  4. This process may take 5 to 6 hours a day and make sure your penis is in stretch condition.

Complications and potentials risk with the usage of devices

  1. A large tear in tissue can occur after a rough stretch that can damage the ligament which connects the penis with the pubic bone.
  2. Wearing a traction device longer than the doctor’s advice or direction of usage can cause injuries that affect the proper function of the penis.
  3. Itching in penis
  4. Discoloration can be seen
  5. Numbness
  6. May cause the vein rupture

Do the devices work in the enlargement of the penis?

 Many studies suggest that they did not work but some study reveals that they help in lengthening of the penis for example; according to the study which was done in 2009 it was suggested that the extender improves the overall length of the penis.

What are the normal and abnormal measures of the penis?

The most common fear that one has is the small size of penis that will not be sufficient enough to satisfy your partner.

According to a study it was suggested that a man who thinks that his penis is too small to satisfy his partner has the normal size of the penis which is between 5 to 6 inches.

A penis of 3 inches in length during erection will be considered abnormal.

If you are having a 5 inches penis or increase more during erection is considered normal in size.

Vitals –

The average size of the penis during an erection is about 5.16 inches.
Many studies have suggested that more than half population of men were satisfied with the size of their penis
The desire to have a bigger penis than the average size causes some men to develop some kinds of neurological and physiological disorders that can disrupt the life of a healthy person.
Penis dysmorphic disorder is also known as PDD cause anxiety
There are several methods that help in enlarging the penis but may have significant drawbacks


Bottom line

Although it is the most common desire of men to have a penis of bigger size, they also believe that increasing the measurements of the penis will make them more attractive. But one should know about the facts that are provided by research that there is no proven medication or therapy present to enlarge your penis.


Surely the small size of your penis doesn’t even matter to your partner because a wise partner should know that there is no proven way to enlarge the penis.

If one has not had the perfect shape of the penis then he should consult with a professional counselor to resolve that issue.