Sexless Relationship Depression

Can a Sexless Relationship Cause Depression?

Married people often observe that their relationship with their partner impacts their life a lot. 

People who are in committed long-term relationships also view their personal happiness on par with the intimacy they share in the relationship.

This is marriages and relationships are based on the concept of companionship, warmth, support, and intimacy.

Most people do okay with different areas of their relationship and go on.

But there are certain parts of the relationship that have a special place and time.

One such part of the relationship is physical intimacy and it can impact the relationship in myriad ways.

What Consists of Physical Intimacy for Couples?

Physical intimacy is a part of marriages, and long-term as well as short-term relationships.

Kissing, hugging, cuddling, being comfortable around each others’ bodies is a part of physical intimacy.

These activities also double up as expressions of love for couples. They also deepen the intimacy between the couples.

Sex is also a part of physical intimacy for couples who want to engage in sexual activities. 

There are asexual people as well, but in the article, we will mostly focus on people who want and enjoy sexual intimacy in their relationships.

Why Do Sexless Marriages Occur for Couples?

People who are married for a long time, or couples dating each other or living together often find themselves in sexless relationships.

This can have various reasons, one is falling out of love. Then there may be realities of life such as financial difficulties, management of family, and careers that precedence.

Even sexual dysfunctions and lower sexual drive due to low testosterone may be one among the sexless relationship causes.

The Sexless Relationship Effects on the Mental Health of the Couples:

Couples who do not engage in sexual intimacy in their relationship often feel lonely.

When there is an absence of physical contact between mates, people feel isolated and unloved.

These feelings can cause various different negative emotions to breed in and cause mental health issues such as depression.

Many couples who are in sexless relationships show signs of depression such as unhappiness, discontent, and lack of fulfillment in their relationship.

Apart from the sexless marriage depression, people also face body image issues, lack of self-confidence, and self-esteem issues caused by the absence of physical intimacy in the relationship.

How do Sexless Marriage and Depression Ruin Marriages?

We have already discussed how sexless marriage can have a direct negative impact on the mental health of couples.

Sexless relationship depression further ruins the relationship by breaking up the emotional intimacy between partners.

Depression, loneliness, and the absence of a sense of connection with the partner can compel people to fight and argue a lot. It can also cause partners to seek sexual pleasure outside the marriage which makes them serial cheaters.

Often things blow off and couples have no often but to go their separate ways which can be hard for families and young children.

How to Ensure that Your Marriage Has a Healthy Amount of Physical Intimacy and Sex?

Healthy relationships are balanced relationships. People who have healthy boundaries in all areas of their life and relationship can easily prevent their marriage from becoming sexless.

The main thing that you have to do in a relationship is to be present in the relationship. Many people see relationships as a goal or a fixed milestone. They get married or start living together, and assume that from then all things will be all roses and rainbows.

But life does not work that way in reality. Both the partners have to recognize that they have a relationship that needs their regular attention.

Stay in touch with your partner whether you live in the same house or live on different continents. Couples should have an idea about their partner’s life.

Make room in your life for physical intimacy such as kissing, hugging, cuddling, or making out from time to time.

Sexless marriages may be a better problem, but these gestures of physical love serve as fuel to add fire to your bedroom.

Only focusing on sexual intercourse may make your relationship based on lust and not love. That never works for couples in the long way run.

How to Make Sex More Enticing in a Sexless Marriage?

Bonding with the regular engagement of physical expressions of love opens up new possibilities in the bedroom.

If you can, try to do new things regularly in and out of the bedroom to keep the heat in the bedroom.

If you have sexual dysfunctions then it is best to talk to your doctor to find solutions for them. We have many men using pills such as Fildena and Cenforce 100 for improving their erectile functions.

Men also prefer Vidalista pills to engage in sexual activities with their partners.

Women can also take charge of their sexuality and seek medical help if they suffer from sexual dysfunctions.

Apart from sexual dysfunctions, lack of emotional attachment and past trauma can also prevent couples from engaging in sex.

Couples who have fallen out of love and had affairs outside the marriage often find it difficult to reconnect with their partner physically.

Some people may avoid sexual activities after a certain age due to body image issues. New mothers often feel insecure regarding their bodies and develop an aversion to physical intimacy.

Seek Professional Help

If making personal changes in the relationship is not helping you, then you should be considering professional help.

There are sex therapists who can help with the problems that you may have in bed. They can also help couples overcome emotional barriers that prevent them from enjoying sex.

If you and your partner are unsatisfied with your sex life, then there is no shame in admitting it. Sex is an integral part of marriages and relationships between couples. Wanting to enjoy the pleasures of the body with your spouse or partner is important for healthy marriages.

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