Do penis enlargment pills work (1)

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Men often link their sexual health and sexual prowess with their self-worth and self-esteem. Even though we have advanced a lot and come a long way away from the old notions of power, there is some primitive part present in each man who puts on a lot of weight on the size of their penile shaft.

There are many jokes centered around the size of a man’s penis which many men have to endure which further makes them insecure about it.

Owing to the undue importance placed on the penile size, and its significance for a healthy sexual life, many men are insecure about the size of their own penis. The insecurity leads to the search for ways to increase the size of their penis in any way they can, and this has given rise to a number of penis enlargement products that claim to increase the size of the penile shaft, among which are penis enlargement pills.

What are Penis Enlargement Pills and their forms?

Penis enlargement pills are often made available in the form of oral tablets, or capsules, or in a form that can be used through the oral route of administration.

They often are advertised under the claim that they increase the size of the penile shaft, but many different studies conclude that the penile size can rarely be changed without a penile surgery, and doctors do not recommend a penile surgery unless there is a medical requirement for it.

Penis enlargement capsules are also known as male enhancement pills, and they often claim to boost sexual stamina along with boosting the size of the penile shaft for a man. As such pills are not often not regulated and sold without any prescription, there is no way to determine if they are reliable, effective, or even safe for the users.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills work in increasing the Penile Shaft’s Size?

The people who sell pills that make your penis grow often claim that they work and they also are able to offer various testimonials for their product, but because they are not studied, regulated, or approved by a reliable organization such as the FDA, we cannot be sure if they work.

As these pills are not regulated, we cannot be sure as to what kind of ingredients are present in each pill. Usually, there are herbs and materials said to have aphrodisiac properties present in these pills.

The dosages are also not regulated, nor are their ingredients so we cannot be sure if they are safe or in a quantity that is safe for the users. Often such pills have materials that have addictive properties which can make a person feel dependent on them for being able to enjoy sexual pleasure.

There are some supplements such as nitrates which are also used as male enhancement pills, but they do not increase the size of the penile shaft.

In fact, there is no oral pill or edible material that can increase the length of the penile shaft under any circumstances, and making use of any such items may cause different types of penis enlargement side effects which will harm your sexual health in the long way run. Whenever you are in doubt regarding the safety and effectiveness of a product that claims to boost sexual stamina and increase your penile shaft, go and talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor will be able to clear the misconceptions that you may have and guide you towards a proper medical treatment for the problem that you are having with your sexual health.

What to Use Instead of Penis Enlargement Pills for Enjoying Healthy Sexual life?

First of all know the size of a person’s penile shaft depends on various types of factors such as age, genetics, and also your physical growth.

If you are in your growing years, you can be sure that your penile size with improve with age, but the pills for increasing penile shaft often do nothing for you.

It is also possible to enjoy a healthy sexual life regardless of the size of your penile shaft and it is plain ignorance to associate sexual pleasure with just the size of your penis.

If you have any issue with your sexual health such as erectile dysfunction, you may not be able to have adequate erections, and seeing your penile shaft in its resting state can make you feel that your penis is small. But there are medications such as Cenforce and Vidalista which can help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction which can help you have adequate erections. Also, know that the penile shaft elongates when it is erect, and the erect penis is required for sexual intercourse so don’t compare your penis in its resting stage.

The depiction of male penis size in media or pornography can also influence your opinion about your own penile size, but remember that reality is different and things on video are often enhanced with the help of technical tools.

The Conclusion to Takeaway Regarding the Use of Male Enlargement Pills and their effectiveness:

We have no studies or evidence to support the claim that male enlargement pills work in increasing the size of the penis, so we urge you not to feel threatened by the products that claim to do so.

If you are having issues (physical, emotional, or psychological) that prevents you from enjoying a healthy sex life or make you feel unsure and insecure regarding the size of your sexual organ or the prowess of your sexual stamina, then you should discuss it with your doctor.

There are various treatments available for sexual dysfunctions which include erectile dysfunction, drop in sexual drive, or premature ejaculation so there is nothing to worry about even if you are diagnosed with sexual dysfunction. The issue regarding penile size is often solved by proper sex education and may often not require any medical treatment, some people may need help in developing a healthy body image if they have deep-rooted insecurities regarding their penile size.

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