How Long Should Sex Last

How Long Should Sex Last?

There are many jokes about the duration of lovemaking, often where men are the butt of the jokes. But do the jokes have any basis in reality or just an exaggeration of stereotypes?

Let’s have a deep look at the duration involved in the act of making love.

First, we need to distinguish between the act of lovemaking which is sexual intercourse, and as most of the research and studies available have data about vaginal intercourse, we will today primarily consider the heterosexual act of lovemaking.

But the act and process of lovemaking are not one and the same. There might be days of sexual tension, lots of flirting, the foreplay may last a good 40-60 minutes, and your afterplay maybe even longer, but they do not specifically count as intercourse.

If we take into account only the intercourse during the act of love, the average sex time lasts about 3-7 minutes and it varies from person to person.

Younger men who are new to the sexual relationship may not have that much experience in making love and the newness of things may make them have orgasms quicker than men or women who are more experienced in the ways of love.

There are many people who do not have orgasms from sexual intercourse so even for them the duration of the penetration does not matter much. Please know that you can enjoy sexual satisfaction in many different ways and sexual intercourse is just one part of the many ways.

How Long Sex Lasts on Average for Most People Across the Globe?

There are certain surveys conducted to figure out average sex time in people across the globe, and it has been reported to be between three to seven minutes, but because of the nature of the survey it is possible that people may have exaggerated or in some ways under measured the time spend in the act of making love.

But most people report that if the sexual penetration lasts for just 60 seconds to 100 seconds then it is unsatisfying and extremely short, especially for women.

On the other hand, if the penetration lasts for 10 to 30 minutes then it can put a strain on a man and even cause pain for the women and is considered too long for most people. Again, personal preferences may differ from the general opinion and there are no specifics as desires.

As far as the question of how long should sex last most people think that anything between 7 to 13 minutes is appreciated by both the partners in the act of making love.

But how long should sex last for you depends on your own personal preference, stamina as well as your partner’s desires and comfort level.

Does the Duration of Lovemaking Differ if We Make Love Multiple Times?

Yes, of course, in anything you do, you will see some fluctuations in your performance, either you will take shorter or longer but such fluctuations during multiple sessions of lovemaking are considered to be normal.

Many young people wonder how long should first round last and this anxiety regarding the duration of lovemaking can often make them suffer from premature ejaculation, for a temporary basis at least.

Are there any Solutions for Longer Lasting Sex?

Yes, the duration of intercourse can be increased but first of all, you have to set realistic expectations, knowing that the average sex time is 3-7 minutes, it is quite unrealistic to be at it for more than 40-60 minutes under any circumstances.

But you can try certain tactics for longer sex after identifying the reason for the short duration of sexual intercourse. If you ejaculate quickly due to a lack of experience in the techniques of making love, then you will have to learn and also practice to get better.

If you are unable to have long penile penetration due to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, you may have to ask your doctor regarding the usage of medications such as Cenforce 100 and Vidalista.

Please note that medications such as Cenforce 200 are available as prescription medications and will only be recommended if your doctor finds that you need them.

You may also find that the shorter duration of your lovemaking process is due to sexual dysfunction; known as premature ejaculation which can be caused due to a variety of factors and is treated based on the responsible factors.

Are There Any Tactics for Shorter Sex?

Yes, while the whole narrative behind jokes about lovemaking is that it should be long and deeply satisfying but there are some people who like their thrills in small doses and which is why quickies are so popular!

You can skip the foreplay if you want to have orgasms quickly and even try masturbation or helping your partner to guide you to areas or activities that are most arousing for you.

Ultimately, Sex is an Experience Not a Time-Keeping Contest

The jokes can mean anything, the media can portray whatever appeals to the imagination, but one thing that will not change is the fact that sex is a physical as well as emotional experience for both partners.

When you make love, you will be able to express affection in a variety of ways, of which sexual intercourse is just one part, which is vital but if you are unable to spend less time in it, there are other ways to make up for it.

Discuss the things that both of you enjoy, and the duration of intercourse that both of you are comfortable with. The duration will vary, change and improve with time.

Also, accept that your body has its own biology, and your sexual experiences will change with your age. The vigor you have in your 20s will not remain the same when you are in your 50s and with age, there is a reduction in sexual drive as well.

So see sex as an activity of deriving pleasure and expressing affection as long as both partners are willing, consenting adults, and completely happy with the duration of lovemaking.

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