How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone?

Before we dive into learning about the ways of arousing a man with low testosterone levels, let’s first get clear about what is testosterone, in brief.

Testosterone is also an anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) apart from being the main male sex hormone. This sex hormone plays a detrimental role in the development of the body organs that are involved in the process of reproduction such as the penile shaft, the testicles as well as prostate.

Apart from its role in developing the primary sexual characteristics of a male body, testosterone hormone also impacts secondary sexual characteristics such as body hair, facial hair, and muscle development in the male body.

Even after a person grows up, testosterone remains vital for the well-being and healthy life functions of a person, one of which is sexual arousal.

Men and women both produce testosterone and estrogen in the body, but the level of testosterone is higher in males for the development of the male sexual characteristics, while women have higher levels of estrogen for the development of the female sexual characteristics.

But in both men and women, it plays the specific role of boosting sexual drive, and they both need adequate levels of testosterone in the body, but the level should be definitely higher for men.

If a man has low levels of testosterone in the body, there are various problems that he may have in his physical growth such as an inadequate amount of facial or body hair. The size of the testicles may be smaller than that of a normal man of your age, which also includes lower production of semen which can cause fertility issues in the future.

Lower blood counts and fatigue may also be the early signs of lower levels of testosterone in the male body, along with decreased bone mass and an increase in body fat.

We are discussing the impact of low testosterone on a man’s sexual functions, and the foremost impact of lack of adequate level of testosterone is a decrease in sexual drive or unexplained disinterest in making love or participating in activities that create physical intimacy between partners.

If a man does not have enough amount of testosterone in the body, he will not have any desire to make love in spite of external stimulation given by visual, oral, or physical mediums.

So men with low testosterone will develop disinterest in sexual activities, and even if they are stimulated, they will have a hard time getting aroused.

Even if they are aroused after multiple means of sexual stimulation, they will not experience erections to an adequate degree required for coitus. 

Even if the erections are achieved, they are often softer than usual and they do not last long due to the insufficient levels of testosterone in the body.

A low level of testosterone in the male body is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in men, which is a sexual dysfunction that affects the erectile functions in men.

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone to Make Love to Him?

It is not possible for anyone to accurately predict or confirm a lack of adequate levels of testosterone in the male body because there are other factors that can cause the symptoms that are also associated with the low levels of testosterone in the body.

Therefore, you should talk to your doctor and have a testosterone test if you have doubts that you have low levels of testosterone in your body.

Once it is established that you are suffering from low levels of testosterone in the body then you will be able to get medical treatments for your condition. 

The most recommended and effective treatment for low levels of testosterone includes Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and there are various ways to administer it, some of them being injection, topical gel, or a skin patch.

Then your doctor may even offer you testosterone pellet implants, or if you want an oral treatment, you may be prescribed oral supplements of testosterone for your treatment.

How to Arouse a Man with Low Testosterone or Increase it Naturally?

While it is true that a man with low testosterone may be assured after multiple mediums to induce arousals or even make use of medications and medical treatments to induce arousal, at times there will be no option but to focus on increasing the testosterone levels in the body. 

And yes, you can do this using safe, effective, and natural ways as well.

One of the ways is to reduce stress as it can be the leading contributor to the decreasing levels of testosterone in the body.

When we are under stress, our body causes elevations in cortisol and when we are under stress, there is an unusual amount of cortisol in our body which suppresses the production of testosterone.

Stress can also cause overeating, retaining excessive body fat, and poor sleep hygiene, and these things, in turn, lead to lower production of the male sex hormone testosterone in the male body.

Other than managing your stress, physical activities are also great for boosting your testosterone levels. You must have observed that men who play sports, especially sports that bring out a certain level of aggression in them are often perceived by women to be more sexually attractive and their virility is also assumed to be high.

This is because when men engage their body in physical activities and sports that ignite in them the desire to win, just like how men felt in the past when they hunted a wild animal or overcame an opponent, then the body releases a lot of testosterone in the body which makes their sexual appeal hit high.

Physical activities also increase the release of serotonin, and dopamine, and other feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters which make a man more confident about himself and his skills. These things in combination can boost the levels of testosterone naturally in your body and you will experience an increase in your sexual drive.

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