How To Become More Sexually Active

How To Become More Sexually Active?

In the initial days of a romantic relationship, people have a strong sexual pull. They often enjoy thrilling sex life during the honeymoon phase.

The mere thought of being in physical proximity with your partner can excite them. Simple acts of physical expression can make you hot for your partner. Acts of love such as holding holds, or making out in various spots can give immense pleasure.

But as familiarity takes its toll, the sexual life of people hits a plateau. Some people are okay with this stage of their relationship.

Making efforts to liven up the sex life can bring back the spark in your relationship.

How to Become More Sexually Active in a Long-Term Romantic Relationship or Marriage?

Put Some Efforts in Your Appearance:

Both the partners in the relationship often let themselves go into long-term relationships. This is especially the case as far as looks are concerned.

Many people often strive to look great for special events or before heading outside of the home. But they do not dress to impress their partner or spouse.

Numerous people assume that female partners often let themselves go in the relationship.

 But the men are also guilty of not caring about their appearance in the relationship.

It is a sad fact that many of us equate our personal sex appeal with our appearance. And is often easier to enjoy sexual activities with a partner who takes pride in their body.

Both partners in a relationship should invest time and resources in making themselves more attractive to their partners. This will increase the physical attraction between them and also boost their self-confidence.

Experiment with Physical Expressions of Love:

People in long-term relationships seldom engage in physical expressions of love outside the bedroom. This can dampen up the fire in the relationship. 

So start by engaging in small acts of physical expression of love. It can be cuddling under a blanket on a cold night while watching a show. It can be making out in the parking lot for a few minutes. It can be holding hands and kissing one another from time to time.

You don’t have to do them all together or every day, just once in a while, make an effort to express your love through physical gestures to your partner. If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch or your own primary love language is physical touch, then you will hit a relationship jackpot with physical expressions of love.

There are a lot of couples who do not engage in foreplay and after play and only perform sexual intercourse, mostly for the sake of it. 

You can take some time to participate and foreplay as well as after play to spice up your love life and improve sex life for you and your spouse.

Bring Some Thrilling Elements to Your Love life:

Our brain releases dopamine when it comes across something new and thrilling. Such activities are one of the best ways to trigger the dopamine in your brain and enhance your sex life.

Thanks to awareness of sexual life, there’s an increased interest in experimenting. 

There are different positions to try and master. Couples can also engage in role-playing. They can even use costumes and scripts to fulfill their various sexual fantasies.

 If both the partners consent, they can even make use of sex toys to add an extra element of thrill to your sexual life.

The main purpose of experimenting with your sexual life is to break the monotony of your sex life. It helps in driving out the boredom that haunts people in long-term relationships.

 Make sure to engage in regular heart-to-heart conversations with your partner. Also, express your wants and needs in the bedroom, then you can bring back the fire under the sheets.

How to Become More Sexually Active if you Suffer or your Partner Suffers from Sexual Dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunctions can be a problem for many couples who want to enjoy an active sex life, but do not know the means to achieve it.

When it comes to sexual dysfunctions faced by men such as erectile dysfunction, there are a variety of medicines such as Fildena and Cenforce 100 which help them enjoy satisfactory sex.

The medications such as Vidalista also help if a man wants to plan a romantic weekend with their partner due to their long-lasting effects.

There is increased awareness regarding male sexual dysfunctions.

Different studies are being conducted to offer improved treatments for them.

But there is a lack of awareness regarding female sexual dysfunctions. This often makes the female partner suffer without any way to seek help or get treatment.

How to be more sexually intimate with your husband if she does not feel like it?

There are many factors that may decrease your desire to have and enjoy sexual intimacy. Many people wonder “At what age does a woman become more sexually active?”

Different studies report that women in their 30s or early 40s often have a high sexual drive. But the high sexual drive does not indicate higher sexual activity.

Often women do not even recognize their sexual drives regardless of their age. This is because of the stigma associated with sex. 

Emphasis placed on female sexuality in the popular media does not help. The outdated idea that sexually active women are immoral is yet prevalent. Unmarried women are often judged if they have or desire an active sex life.

Why do I not feel sexually active in my Long Term Relationship?

In a relationship, there is no wrong or right frequency for sexual activities. As long as both the partners are satisfied with it, there’s nothing to be concerned.

If you do it once in two weeks, but you and your partner are extremely pleased then things are good to go.

Every relationship is different and the sex life is diverse. Especially long-term couples do not engage in daily sexual activity.

Both the partners should communicate their views and desires regarding their sex life. This should help in having realistic expectations about it making it easier to enjoy!

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