why cant i get hard

Why Can’t I Get Hard?

When men are sexually aroused, their brain directs the flow of blood towards the penis, making it erect and hard due to the presence of the extra blood in the lining around the penile shaft, which is known as an erection.

Erections are known by various nicknames such as a hard-on, or boner and each generation has its own slang for the effect that sexual arousal or desire has on their male member.

Men can have erections in the morning when they wake up, which is known as morning wood, but it is not always a result of sexual arousal.

But most of the time men have erections due to sexual arousal and the absence of erections in spite of regular and adequate sexual arousal can indicate erections problems.

What Are Erection Problems and Why do They Occur?

There are various states or conditions which can be termed penis problems, such as difficulty in getting a hard-on which often makes men ask as “Why can’t I get hard?”.

Some men are able to achieve a hard-on, but they are softer or weaker and may not allow the men to make love satisfactorily.

Erection problems also include difficulty in maintaining erections for a duration that is required for making love.

These are some of the erections problems that men face, apart from having difficulty in achieving a hard-on which can be termed as erection issues.

Why Can’t I Get Hard and other Questions Men have about Erections.

There are a variety of reasons for erections issues with men, but they are classified into two main categories based on their causes, which are physical causes and psychological causes.

The question, “Why Can’t I Get Hard?” often worries men but occasionally all men have some erection problems such as difficulty in having an erection, softer and weaker erections, or inability to maintain erections.

But if these erection problems are persistent and do not pass away after a while, you should go to your doctor and discuss your erectile health.

If erection problems last for more than 3 months without any improvement in the symptoms, then there is a possibility that the person may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What are the Prime Factors Causing Erectile Issues in Men?

Men may suffer from erectile issues due to a variety of factors, which can be termed erectile dysfunction.

Interestingly there are two types of erectile dysfunction, one is temporary while the other one is permanent.

Temporary or Reversible Cases of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Usually, men may suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction when they do not have adequate experience in making love which can make them nervous which can inhibit their arousal, and result in poor erections.

Some men worry too much when they are making love for the first time to a new partner which can cause performance anxiety and cause poor erectile functions, but these issues go away as men feel more confident in their ability to make love to their partner.

Some medications, especially medications used for the treatment of depression can also induce temporary erectile dysfunction, which usually goes away once a person stops using the medication.

Emotional upheaval in life or a major event such death of a loved one, betrayal in a romantic relationship, or excessive stress in life can have a direct impact on a man’s sexual drive and cause erectile dysfunction, but these cases of erectile dysfunction are often reversible with time and proper treatment.

Permanent or Irreversible Cases of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as a side-effect or secondary symptom of another condition such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, lack of testosterone, and obesity.

People who smoke excessively often have to deal with erectile dysfunction, and so do excessive alcohol drinkers.

These cases of erectile dysfunction last for a lifetime and men have to deal with it with the help of treatments available for managing the symptoms of this condition as there is no permanent cure for this condition as of now.

How to Manage the Symptoms of Temporary and Permanent Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

If you want to get relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, then it must be discussed with your doctor, as your doctor will be able to give you specific help.

Most doctors prescribe oral medications such as Cenforce 100 for the preliminary treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, and specific treatments may be given such as testosterone injections.

Oral treatments such as Vidalista are popular among men due as they act quickly and men have to invest less amount of money in them as compared to other treatment options such as penile implants.

Oral medications of erectile dysfunction usually contain PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil, but not all cases of erectile dysfunction are solved by the use of these drugs.

Some people may specifically require a boost in their testosterone levels while others may only have penile implants as an option.

There are certain cases of erectile dysfunction which are treated with the help of talk therapy and counseling sessions.

There are also a variety of herbs that may be used in their plant form or as supplements for managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction better.

What to Do When I Can’t Keep a Hard On?

Get help from your doctor to get quick relief from your condition and look into the main causes of your condition or watch out for anything that makes the symptoms of your erectile dysfunction worse.

Some men find that the symptoms of their erectile dysfunction are worse after eating a particularly heavy meal, or due to lack of sleep. Stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, and even sadness can hamper a man’s sexual drive and lead to poor erectile dysfunction.

Men should try to stay physically active to maintain an adequate amount of testosterone in their body, and they should invest in food items and habits that are good for their sexual health to have good hard-ons.

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