home remedies to keep a hard on

Home Remedies To keep a Hard-on

Men have a penile shaft which is used for the purpose of urination as well as sexual intercourse, men need to have healthy erectile functions for having a healthy sexual life.

Usually, men who have a healthy body are able to enjoy healthy sexual functions, and their erectile functions also smooth. 

But there are multiple things that can interfere with normal erectile functions and cause various issues such as problems in getting erections, softer erections, or erections that do not last long or complete absence of erections.

Occasional issues with erections are not a big deal, men of all ages can have issues with erections at some point due to a variety of factors.

Young men who are exploring sexual intercourse for the first time may have quick erections, but their lasting capacity may be less.

Nervousness or performance anxiety can make a man have trouble in having and keeping erections, and it can also happen to men who have experience in making love to their partner.

There are times when a couple may be making love to each other for the first time, which may make a man nervous and fear of disappointing their sexual partner and make them self-conscious which can also cause poor erectile dysfunctions in men.

These occasional issues with erectile functions can occur at any age, but they do not mean that they are having a sexual dysfunction.

Men who suffer from occasional issues with having or maintaining erections usually do not need any medication or treatment and the symptoms pass away on their own.

So men have no need to worry about occasional issues with their penile erections. Almost every man has some issues with his erectile functions once in a while, and it is considered normal.

When Should Men Worry about the State of Their Penile Erections?

Men whose erection issues do not pass away after a while or if they have trouble having erections, or do not have hard enough erections or any suffer from any persisting difficulty in having erections then may need to discuss it with their doctor.

Men who have persistent problems in having erections for at least 3 months may be suffering from a major male sexual dysfunction known as erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction and What are its Effects on Penile Erections?

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual dysfunction that is generally diagnosed in adult men who are suffering from a variety of heart conditions and poor blood circulation.

There are two major factors that can make a person suffer from erectile dysfunction, one type includes physical factors, the other constitutes psychological factors.

The physical factors can be listed as poor blood circulation, heart diseases, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, testosterone levels, and hormonal imbalance. The psychological factors include conditions such as depression, aversion to making love, body image issues, anxiety or trauma caused by past verbal, physical, or sexual abuse as a child, or betrayal or trauma from past relationships.

Currently, there is no cure for getting permanent relief from erectile dysfunction, but there are many ED medications, penile pumps and implants, and surgical procedures available to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help men enjoy healthy erectile functions.

Treatments, Pills, and Home Remedies to Keep a Hard-on 

There are many different types of treatments offered to men for the improvement of their sexual function and for the treatment of their erectile dysfunctions.

Some of them like surgical implants are only used as a last resort or if a person does not respond positively to other treatments of erectile dysfunction such as penile pumps, or testosterone injections.

Oral pills, being the most popular of all the treatments of erectile dysfunction are also the most commonly used ones.

They are small and easy to carry, they work faster than other treatments of erectile dysfunction, and they come at a fraction of the price range of other available treatments of erectile dysfunction. The most well-known pill men use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Viagra, made up of the drug Sildenafil citrate. Pills of Viagra work effectively for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, but they can often be costly so generic equivalents are also available in the market across the world.

Erectile dysfunction that has its roots in psychological issues such as depression and anxiety can be treated with the combination of counseling, therapy, and medications based on the essence of your problem.

Many doctors also assist people in having healthier erectile functions with the help of dietary changes and exercise.

The medical treatments are prescribed and recommended after careful examination of the symptoms and the root cause of the issues of penile erections.

Home remedies to keep a hard-on are not that specific but are meant for the overall development of the body which can further enhance sexual functions in men.

Common Home remedies to keep a hard-on, maintain it & Deal with Poor Erectile functions:

Letting Go of Activities that Put your Heart at a Risk:

There are things such as smoking and excessive intake of alcohol that create various issues with your overall health, but they have severe consequences for the health of your heart.

Most people who smoke and drink also suffer from erectile dysfunction and various other issues related to their sexual health such as low sperm count, and energy issues.

Men who let go of such activities often see an improvement in their overall health which includes their erectile functions.

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Men who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction as blood circulation plays a key role in making healthy erections possible for men.

Activities such as exercise help in boosting healthy blood flow, and physical activities are major testosterone level boosters that enhance the sexual drive of men.

Fruits and vegetables rich in nitrates are also recommended for aiding blood circulation as assisting the occurrence of healthy, hard, and long-lasting penile erections for men.

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