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Avana 100

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Avanafil
Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging:4 tablets in 1 strip
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    Avana 100

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    Avana 100 mg tablet is a PDE5 inhibitor that is prescribed by the pharmacist and doctors to be used to treat erectile dysfunction problems suffered by various individuals from around the world.

    Along with erectile dysfunction please tablets are also prescribed to be used to treat important problems in the male body.

    By the prescribed usage an individual will be able to maintain or achieve a harder erection while performing sexual intercourse with the partner.

    Avana 100 mg is an FDA-approved medicine which is why it is considered to be one of the safest Ed products available in the market for the treatment of erectile brokenness.

    What is Avana 100 mg?

    Avana 100 mg is having Avanafil as its active ingredient which is known for providing a firm erection to an individual while they perform sexually and be able to achieve a harder erection.

    It is a prescribed medicine that is known to be used by adult men suffering from erectile brokenness problems for a very long time.

    Due to the presence of its active ingredient, it can provide regular blood supply to the penis of an individual helping to have relaxed muscles and have a better sex experience by having a firm and hard erection.

    How long does Avana 100 mg take to work?

    Avana 100 mg reviews say that based on individual health and the severity of erectile dysfunction problems please medicine takes time based on individual health conditions.

    But in most cases, it is prescribed to take Avana 100 tablets at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes before your sexual intimacy to have a better sex experience as it will take enough time to start working effectively.


    Avana 100 mg tablets are available in various doses and strengths and it is advisable to consult your doctor based on his recommended dose only you need to take Avanafil tablets.

    Initially, most of the doctors suggested starting your dose with 100 mg and you need to take it approximately 30 minutes before your planned sex. It is always advisable to take as lowest as possible as it is beneficial for your health.

    Other strengths: Avana 50 | Avana 100 | Avana 200

    Precaution needs to be kept in mind


    Consuming alcohol may affect the use of sexual power so if you want to stay long in bed you must avoid consuming alcohol and other alcoholic beverages.

    Moreover, various studies show that alcohol may interact negatively with Avana 100 mg and you will not be able to enjoy long-term benefits from it.


    Pregnant women or a woman who is planning to conceive a baby are not advised to consume Avana tablets because they may interact differently and cause negative effects on the developing baby.


    Avana is having Avanafil as its main ingredient which is said to be passed with breast milk and cause an undesirable effect on the breastfed baby so a breastfeeding mother is advised to consult her doctor before starting her medication with these tablets to discover the associated risk and benefits.

    Heart problems

    All those individuals who are having any problem related to the heart or having any heart surgery are advised to consult their doctor before starting their medication with Avana.

    It is so because your doctor may provide dose adjustment so that you will be able to get treated for erectile brokenness problems soon.

    How Does it work?

    Avana 100 mg online tablets are FDA-approved medicines that are very safe to be used and start working by providing relaxation to the muscles.

    Avanafil which is the active ingredient present in these tablets is known for providing a regular blood supply to the penis that helps it to maintain and hold an erection for a quality duration of time and enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner.

    Side effects

    You can freely buy Avana 100 mg because it is not known for providing serious side effects to your body.

    Side Effects are very mild and disappear after some time which may include

    • Back pain
    • Headache
    • Stuffy nose
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • Common cold
    • Allergic reaction
    • Decreased vision

    and many more.

    Avana 100 mg reviews

    If you want to buy Avana 100 mg with a credit card you can do so with the website.

    Avana 100 mg reviews on this website are very positive which said that it is a very authentic website from where you can buy Avana 100 mg online and get your favorite medicine deliver at your place.

    Frequently Asked Questions :

    What to do if I Overdose on Avana 100 mg?

    You need to take the prescribed amount of these tablets and in case you have discovered that you have taken an overdose of Avana 100 then you need to consult your doctor immediately to see emergency medical treatment.

    What happened if I missed the dose?

    Avanafil tablets are advised to be used only whenever needed so there is less chance of missing the doors.

    If you are doctor advised taking the schedule then in such a situation you should take care of it.

    In such a situation if you missed taking the medicine at the scheduled time then take it as soon as you remember about the missed dose.

    How should I take Avana 100 mg?

    Is very important to follow all the directions even on your prescription and read the label thoroughly to discover the instruction to take Avana 100 mg tablets.

    You need to take it with or without food as prescribed by your doctor and you need to take only the suggested amount.

    Swallow the whole tablet with the help of water 30 minutes before your planned sex.

    What are the common drug interactions?

    You need to discover drug interaction with your doctor so that he will be able to provide the right dose adjustment and give you the right prescription. Some of the medicines interact differently with Avana 100 mg including nitroglycerine, sildenafil, Viagra, tadalafil, rifampin, etc.