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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Dapoxetine
Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer:Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging:10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time6 To 15 days


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    What is Priligy?

    Certain health concerns destroy individuals, but do you think it is right for you to stay silent? Well, not many of you must have thought to this.

    Therefore the ultimate cure is a necessity in any way.

    The onset of so many diseases and cures we are here to discuss one which men face.

    Premature ejaculation is one of those where it is faced by men for few months. Now, do you know what its appropriate treatment is?

    Well, it is none other than Priligy. It helps men to control PE where the men between 18-64 are hit.

    The active component present in Priligy is dapoxetine which stimulates the entire functioning.

    How long does Priligy last?

    The medicine has a result to give men a kind of affection for long. Now how long is what men find out.

    But here with you will get a straight forwards answer. Priligy gives a men strength with double power.

    The tablet should be consumed 1-3 hours before the sex.

    It helps men to support them for 12 hours long. There can be time which can exceed and also lesser.

    If you feel trouble or tired during this time then consult with the concerned specialist of yours’.

    What are the Side Effects of Priligy?

    • nausea
    • dizziness
    • headache
    • fainting
    • diarrhea
    • Faint

    Undergoing any of those can kill you or also make you weak

    How does Priligy work?

    Each one of the medicine that tends to work for health carries an active component. So as the case with dapoxetine it works to control the condition of PE. Besides, it will work by boosting the level of serotonin.

    This in turn causes the delay in the actions of the brain and it will take time to reach orgasm.

    Who can take Priligy?

    Men who come up with the sign of premature ejaculation. It gives birth to a condition where men found difficulty in ejaculating.

    However, if the right cure at the right time is not taken then their sexual life can be hampered.

    We are sure that you do not want to make it so. Therefore if you come across the ejaculation problem then do refer to Priligy.

    The medicine is also known by another name or we can say the category is urological medicine.

    It helps in controlling the ejaculation to which you can perform well. The distress in your sexual problem can be disturbing.

    However, it can also generate a feeling of sadness, depression, and also stress. Therefore to make your life simpler, it is better to hold on to Priligy medicine.

    The level of your satisfaction and sexual course can be improved way better than earlier.

    On the other hand, it will also help you to sign relief.

    How to take PRILIGY

    When it comes to any dose you should all the practice which can help you. Denying or ignoring any one of those can impact you.

    Therefore when it comes to Priligy follow what is needed. Since it is a tablet so its consumption is like all other oral doses.

    You do not have to take any other assistance than swallowing it with water.

    Also, keep all of the other necessary precautions to get the desired solutions and lasting effect.

    How is Priligy Taken

    The simple and the best method to take Priligy is to consume it with water. Do not take the dose that is recommended.

    Do not consume more than one dose than 24 hours.

    What Priligy is used for?

    To deal with the condition of premature ejaculation the men under 18-64.

    It has an active component called dapoxetine which reduces the difficulty at the time of course. Therefore if you are distress about your sexual life you do have to consider the dose.

    How effective is Priligy?

    Many beneficial aspects have ruled with Priligy. But the one who has got affect only with best approaches.

    It means you have to take all necessary precautions.

    The dose is effective for controlling premature ejaculation which smoothens the sexual life.

    Also, it is effective when combined with behavioral techniques.

    Does Priligy make you last longer?

    Upon the decided time and all necessary precautions, it has shown results. It is you who has to plan all of your schedules.

    If you are going for sex and has faced delay ejaculation then Priligy is one of that treatment.

    It has shown results to lasts for about 12 hours and hence been able to put forth results.

    In short yes it does carries a lasting power.

    Does Priligy cure PE?

    The medicine is useful for the treatment of PE. The condition where men are unable to ejaculate for long.

    Therefore on the proper consumption of the dose, it has a proven result and valuable results.

    Therefore you can consume the dose and come out of the situation of distress in your life.

    Before you take PRILIGY

    Before you are taking Priligy you should keep certain things in mind.

    Do not get associated with illegal methods as they can be harmful. The dose does not work along with alcohol, smoke or any other illegal drugs.

    If you have been dealing with kidney, liver or any other diseases make sure to consult a doctor at first.

    Any negative approach can be painful and also no result will be obtained.

    Drug interactions

    The medicine should not be mixed with antidepressants, blood thinners they are part of the interaction.

    Therefore all of the necessary steps should be in mind before consuming the dose.

    Priligy can reduce the symptoms of PE but do not allow the complete removal. Therefore if by chance you are facing a problem besides the intake of dose then you can seek experts help.

    If you have any other medical issues then there should be complete history disclosed


    The active composition here comes in the form of dapoxetine. It helps in lowering the level of serotonin.

    Thereby coping up against the brain and its activity, you do have to make the power to corporate with the medicine.

    If you are stressed or in a depressed mood then there will be an impact on the role of the medicine.

    Precautions and Warning

    There are certain don’t in the list at the time of Priligy consumption. Now, what are those-

    If you have developed an unhealthy habit like smoke/alcohol/illegal drugs intake then you need to be out.

    Try to drink more and more water. If your body is dehydrated then the medicine will no longer be lasting.

    If you feel like fainting or there is a sign of dizziness then do not wait for long.

    Do not immediately stand up, take a few moments to lie down and with your body straight.

    If there are any other further problems then a specialist visit is a must.

    Speak to your doctor if you are taking:

    Any of the medicine related to your health can put you in difficulty. Therefore if you are consuming any nitrates or other health-related medicines then tell your doctor.

    They must get a hold of your accurate problem.

    Priligy Reviews

    The reviews of Priligy are positive among men. Therefore the role of medicine in the market is high.

    Each one of those men who suffer from PE gets through sexual problems. To control the one there is a need for proper treatment.

    Priligy (Dapoxetine) will help the reduction of delayed ejaculation.

    Therefore more and more men are under medical treatment.

    Where can I buy Priligy online?

    Finding the one and appropriate place to buy Priligy cannot be better than We support men with each of their problems and desired medicines.

    When it comes to satisfying your sexual need and with proper ejaculation then purchasing Priligy is one of those.

    We support each one of those requirements in detail and also smoothen your buying experience.